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Father’s Day gifts to match their personality


“Father- A son’s first superhero, and a daughter’s first love” Father’s Day is  fast approaching (June 21) and if you are still clueless about how to make it special for dad, fret not. Throughout this post, you should pick up sone good ideas to make his day special but before we do, can you name  […]


Learning when to invest in the silver market

Ever thought of investing some extra pennies in stocks or shares? Perhaps you’ve considered silver or gold? You can invest in the silver market by buying coins, bars, coins, exchange-traded funds or exchange-traded notes. However, your investment strategy should change from time to time, given that silver is a highly volatile metal. One reason why […]


Polyphasic Sleep: Ready for a Major Lifestyle Change?

Polyplasmic sleep

What if I told you that you could sleep only for 2 hours a day and function for the remaining 22 hours? Relax, it’s not some cheap internet scam where I tell you sign up for something, make you pay hell lotta money and deliver nothing. Heck, you know what! Don’t pay a single dime. Just […]