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Travelling this summer? Safe and affordable destinations


Who doesn’t want to spend their summer sipping bottomless mimosas, enhancing the understanding of distinct cultural traditions, traveeling to rediscover the meaning of adventure, or diversifying one’s palette? Two of the major problems that inhibit travelling in 2021 have to do with money and safety. The pandemic induced unemployment, political turmoil, and financial restrictions for […]


Are all porcelain crowns strong?


From protecting your damaged and decayed teeth to improving your smile, dental crowns are an effective treatment option for maintaining good dental health. They have helped thousands of patients protect their teeth after undergoing root canal surgery or dental implant procedures. There are plenty of materials used to prepare these dental crowns- porcelain, metal, ceramic, […]


Top tips for minimalist decor


A minimalist design can work well for homes, allowing your favourite pieces of furniture or decor to really shine, without overwhelming your space with clutter. But how can you make a chic minimalist style really work for your decor? Choose a neutral colour palette Too many colours can make your rooms feel a lot more […]


What is impacting your confidence and why do you feel low?


There are certain things that are going to impact your confidence, but it’s your choice as to how you handle them. If you get a grip on them sooner rather than later, then they may not be able to impact you as much. But, if they are already causing you problems, then you need to […]