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‘Belly-buttoning’ best way to reap benefits from CBD


CBD users could turbocharge its reported health benefits by chugging it through their tummy buttons. Known as ‘belly-buttoning’, holistic experts claim it’s the best way to absorb the trendy food supplement to get the potential boost it is said to offer. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It only […]


Great British Back-Off: Is It Important to Know Your Neighbours?


Forget Bake Off – Brits are more likely to back off when it comes to their neighbours. New research has revealed a massive six out of ten people say they would not feel comfortable asking their next-door neighbour for a cup of sugar. And one in ten doesn’t even know their name! Forget nostalgic memories […]


Why Can’t We Wind Down?

why can't we wind down?

Finding time to wind down can be difficult these days, and working 9-5 is just half of it! According to a new study, the typical eight hour work day is topped up with a minimum of two hours of admin, errands and personal chores to keep modern life ticking over- with people admitting they don’t actually […]


The Rules of Modern Dating

rules of modern dating

Dating used to be so simple (or so I’m told). A night dancing followed by a romantic sit-down meal, a meet and greet with the parents and before you know it you’re married with two children. Not anymore. Social media and modern tech has changed all that. Now we’re confronted with how many kisses we […]