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Wellness for your body and wallet: How to have health insurance that benefits both

health insurance

Begin by finding a fund that suits your lifestyle. Health insurers are now recognising that all round health can be nurtured in a variety of ways. So if natural or alternative therapies play a large part in your life, seek out a fund with a broader range of extras cover to match your healthcare preferences. […]


7 Beauty Products That Every Woman Should Have

The Best Makeup Kits for On the Go

The world of glamour has become so epic that it can be difficult to decide that on which products we should be spending our hard-earned cash. That is why we have compiled a list of top seven beauty products that every woman should have with them almost all of the time so that they can […]


10 Amazing advantages of travelling solo

Travelling  is one of the most thrilling experiences in life, and there’s no doubt about this. You get to experience new cultures, see beautiful places, get away from your comfort zone, make new friends and explore incredible places around the world. It is an eye-opening experience and it is no wonder many people have destinations […]


4 Things To Consider Before You Say “Yes” To The New Job

Pregnant woman working at home

As a college graduate, you’ve spent many years working hard for this day: the job offer. Whether your internship turned into a job opportunity or you had countless interviews with a handful of companies, a job offer is something to celebrate as it’s an important step in the rest of your life as a career […]