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Style transformation: Channel your inner vintage diva


Restricting old world charm just to stay confined within your social media pages is not enough. Yes, vintage clothes look amazing, and sometimes even the simplest ensemble can add an ethereal beauty to your overall appearance. A hipster t shirt and a leather biker jacket  can allow you to create your own style which helps […]


Four great reasons to move to the countryside


One of the biggest shifts in recent times related to how and where we all live, yet it’s hardly ever discussed. For most of human history, people lived in quiet villages or in the countryside, close to nature. But the rise of the city changed all that. Today, more people are flocking to cosmopolitan areas […]


What to do if I have breast cancer?


What to do if I have breast cancer? There are many options to choose from if you find yourself in this upsetting position. The following are some of the most common, popular and effective treatments for this common form of cancer. Chemotherapy: This is a highly effective treatment for cancer. When a person is diagnosed […]


Tidy up your home to make it a functional space!


When the house is tidy, everyone in your home feels great. Of course, this is not easy to maintain especailly with kids running about. But there are some things that make your home look messy no matter what. Take for examples, the kitchen counter or the shelving above the bathroom sink. No matter how tidy […]