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Monster Guard: The Alexa skill that ‘scans’ bedrooms for ‘monsters’ so kids can sleep soundly this Halloween


A friendly guardian called Monty hosts Monster Guard – keeping evil creatures away with a sonic forcefield The fear of make-believe monsters scares thousands of kids every Halloween – but now there’s a way to ensure your little one rests easy during the spooky October season.   Available to download for Alexa, ‘Monster Guard’ is a technology […]


Brevio Goes Pink for Breast Cancer


Throughout October Brevio is turning pink to support breast cancer charities in their fight against the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide. Around 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK, and many of them turn to charities for vital support services. But more funding is crucially needed to help charities provide ongoing support to breast […]


Bought a motorcycle in lockdown? Hiding hands and folding arms in pictures could make you appear amateur, body language expert warns

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Body language expert says hiding hands, folding arms, and rigidly grinning in pictures are clear signs of an amateur motorcyclist Natural facial expressions (yes, even smiles) are better than scowls for the best professional-looking motorcycle photo Wide stances and staring at the camera in photos are effective ways to evoke confidence  The first eight months […]


Move over Ageism. This is the real issue


The press headlines older workers get are usually negative: the levels of ageism faced, the disproportionate levels of redundancy, the fact so many organisations are unprepared.  Rarely do we hear from people themselves.  We surveyed over 5500 people over 50 about their hopes and motivations for their latter working years.   Older workers don’t want […]