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What are the most popular styles of formal footwear for 2020?


A good pair of formal shoes for women is a great investment if you are starting a corporate career. Formal footwear can go a long way in making you appear more professional, serious and confident. There are so many styles to choose from but with an increased number of options, you are bound to feel […]


Tips for upgrading your wardrobe

When was the last time you wore those green culottes? Have those dungarees seen better days? Come on, own up. Has it been some time since you upgraded your wardrobe? In order to stay fashionable and presentable we need to update our outfits from time to time. Updating or upgrading one’s fashion (Modetøj) clothing is […]


Garden on the Balcony: How to Create Your Own Private Paradise

Various small Cacti

People who own apartments tend to think their home is unsuitable for growing flowers. But an apartment with a balcony,  regardless of size, can always serve as a garden if you are ingenious enough. By carefully using every square inch of space, you ensure that a balcony garden becomes viable and that it will be […]