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5 creative ways to celebrate a friend’s big achievement


A simple key to staying happy, content and motivated  is to celebrate every small and big achievement. Having big dreams to attain seemingly impossible goals is a good thing. But, every step in the journey is worth applauding. The best gift that you can give a friend or loved one is to commemorate every objective […]


The ultimate face refresher


We all need a fresh start once in a while. With our tight schedules, work, family, friends and everything in between, it’s amazing how our bodies stay together after all the things we put them through. But we really have no other choice. While we may not have the strongest physiques compared to creatures in […]


7 Foolproof Ways to Be a Better Manager

Pregnant woman working at home

Whether you’ve been slowly working up to a management role, you’ve jumped straight into one, or you’ve been finding your feet for a while, there are plenty of ways you can improve your approach, in order to have a positive impact on your team and earn their respect. You may have an impressive amount of […]


5 Negative Mindsets That May Be Getting in the Way of Your Career


If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss in your job, it may be all down to the way you are thinking about your career. Letting yourself develop a certain frame-of-mind can prompt bad habits that, ultimately, leave you stalling Thinking positively about the future of your career and never underestimating your own skills is […]