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6 Skincare tips for dry skin


Of all the skin types out there, ‘dry’ is one of the most common and also the most worrying. Dry skin is more easily damaged, repairs more slowly, and looks unhealthy. We’re going to get into the 6 top skin care tips for dry skin to help you manage this skin condition to ensure you […]


Getting celebrity looks on a tight budget


Celebrities are some of the most photographed people on the planet. So it stands to reason that once in a while, you will be super-inspired by the styles they are wearing. The gowns and suits that grace the red carpet are stunning, and they manage to pull together cool and casual with ease. So if […]


Skin care ingredients to avoid if you have acne


Some skin care products meant to treat your skin and prevent acne may sometimes be the actual reason for breakouts. The truth is, many products contain ingredients that are comedogenic and may trigger spots. This is why acne-prone skin individuals should be extra selective with the products they apply to their face and make sure […]


Three Consequences of Not Having a Registered Trademark for your Skincare Product

  It is a great time to be in the health and beauty industry.  New products hit the market weekly, and the demand for new and innovative products has never been higher.  This year alone, global sales of skincare products are expected to reach over $130 billion!  If you’ve decided to enter the health and […]