4 Essential Tips To Avoid Jet Lag

Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag is what happens when your normal sleep patterns and cycle is disrupted by crossing over different time zones. It’s is the bane of any traveller’s life, but can be frustrating for people of all ages to go on holiday or enjoy a quick business trip.

Our body is naturally in sync with our own country’s time zone and our whole daily routine can be messed up when you skip to another, whether it be before or ahead of ‘real time’.

You need to synchronize your body clock in order to enjoy your full holiday time away, without being stuck with the curse of jet lag. Here are our tips to avoid that happening, to help you have a fun and enjoyable trip!


In order to get used to your different time zone, you’ll need to gradually adjust your bodily clock before your departure.

Change your sleeping, eating and social times within your daily schedule at least 5 days before hand; shifting the pattern one hour earlier/later each day depending on where you’re flying to.

This handy tool from British Airways is great for calculating the time difference from where you’re going from to where you’re going to, and gives the best tips for you to avoid jet lag.


If you’re flying somewhere that is a far cry from your daily routine and time schedule, changing your watch time can help you prepare yourself (and avoid jet lag).

If helps if you change this before as it avoids the chances of forgetting you’re still on “home time”. We know first hand how difficult it can be to adjust to a new time zone; so changing your watch into the time ahead of your flight can help you mentally prepare for when you’re going to get some sleep.


It’s true when they say that one drink on the ground is worth three when you’re up in the air.

Although it may sound strange, caffeine works in a similar way. Even though you think a quick shot of espresso will be great for keeping you awake throughout the day in your new destination, it doesn’t have the best effects.

If you’re drinking shot after shot of coffee and energy drinks, the chances are, you won’t have a great sleep when you eventually get your head down. Caffeine makes you stay awake for longer, but results in you waking up more often when you do get some sleep. It reduces your sleep time and quality – the opposite of what ‘defeating jet lag’ means!

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If you’re looking to avoid jet lag, the best tip is to keep yourself and your skin hydrated.

Seen as though dehydration is one of the most crippling symptoms, you should drink 8oz of water for every hour that you’re in the air. Pressure and altitude can have damaging effects on your skin and health, so it’s important to keep them healthy.

It’s not just drinking water than can keep you hydrated; it’s a great idea to moisturize your skin when you’re flying away too. In your carry-on bag, keep a small tube of moisturiser to apply on your hands and face, and a lip balm to keep the moisture in your lips.

It avoids the risk of getting some of jet lag’s worst symptoms, but also helps you feel great too!

What’s your best tip for avoiding jet lag?


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