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Sticking to a balanced diet – what you should know

balanced diet

If you’ve never felt able to stick to a balanced diet, this is the post for you. Many people struggle with this, but there are a few things you could be doing that could be making it harder. If you want to improve your health and outlook while still enjoying the food you eat, read […]


DIY sauerkraut is the Lockdown 3.0 food trend to beat the January Blues

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

MISERABLE Brits are pepping up their Covid-caused low moods by turning to a fermented German delicacy – sauerkraut. The popular dish, made by pickling cabbage, is rich in probiotic bacteria that boost gut health to bring a host of benefits. These include an enhanced immune system, improved brain and heart health and a better quality […]


New career? Here are four out-of-the-box food jobs to consider


If you are a lover of gastronomy, or anything got to do with food, there is a wide range of job opportunities available to tickle your tastebuds. And unlike popular belief, becoming a chef isn’t the only option – today, there are plenty of exciting food industry jobs that will satisfy your cravings and set […]


Best Superfood Mushrooms to Improve Your Immunity

small quantities of these Teelixir Superfood Mushrooms

In unprecedented times like these with pandemic hitting the entire world, people are longing for the one common thing that can save them—better immunity! Everyone is looking for an extra boost to remain protected from contagious infections, bacteria and viruses. You might have tried plenty of supplements and medicines to give you an upper hand […]