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The UK’s Baggy Boom and Where Skinny Fit Is Still a Hit


We all put our trousers on one leg at a time, but their fit is likely to change wardrobe to wardrobe. What’s your preference? Do you like the tight fit of skinny jeans or the freedom of wide-leg denim jeans? Well, as it turns out, we may be able to predict the fit of your […]


A Guide to Select the Right Colour for Your Lehenga


Everybody knows that colour selection is of utmost importance while shopping for any outfit, be it Western or traditional. Although all hues are charming in their own special way, you need to pick the ones that suit you best as this basic factor can make or break your entire look. Lehengas have been the most […]


How to Look Classy on a Budget: Fashion Tips to Keep in Mind


Do you want to look and feel best with a fashionable, expensive-looking style without putting a hole in your pocket? Congratulations, because you’ve come to the perfect place! Only because you are not rich does not indicate you need to look like it! Here is how you can look expensive on a budget: Invest in […]


From a Sundress to Picnic Basket: Everything You Need to Enact Your Cottagecore Fantasy

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Imagine cool air caressing your skin while you enjoy pleasant spring sunshine in your garden. Surrounded by flowers and ducks in the nearby pond, you take a slice of a freshly baked cake. The leaves wave at you as the gentle breeze blows. You stand up to get tea from your cozy wooden hut. Your […]