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Nine Most Dangerous Professions in the World


An occupational hazard is defined as a safety issue associated with a job. Usually, such hazards result from dangerous working conditions or a lack of proper safety measures.  Apart from the unsafe working conditions, or violations of the safety regulations, there can be other reasons for occupational hazards. It can also be because of the […]


What job should I get if I have ADHD?


Many people live day to day with ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is considered to be a disability and for job seekers living with ADHD, it can sometimes hamper their efforts to either find work or hold down a job once they are employed. The reason being is that numerous people who have […]


100ASA is Here with the Bold Mission


Many photographers who are serious about their craft join photo-sharing platforms in hopes of gaining viewership and building a following. But soon after they realise that their platform of choice panders to commercial interests. Therefore, rather than prioritising photographs with artistic value, such platforms only push financially lucrative content. They value average marketing spend more […]


Seven Ways to Scale Your E-Commerce Fashion Brand in 2021

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In 2020, many businesses suffered major losses and had to turn to digital tools to keep their companies adrift. Nonetheless, the year saw significant growth in e-commerce as established companies shifted to online platforms, and many new e-commerce brands also emerged. The fashion industry benefitted substantially with the shift, and we saw many brands expanding. […]