The Best Foods to Eat After Exercising


It can be all-too tempting to just throw any old thing together when you get home from the gym – especially if you’ve been hard at work all day and it’s your first chance to relax.

Whether you’re on a diet or not, we all know that exercising is important; and so is the food you eat prior to hitting the gym and after, when you’re at home. Food is essentially “fuel” for your body, so mastering it can have great impacts on your mood, productivity and overall health.

Having said that, it can be a huge task whipping up a nutritious meal when you’re knackered. So, we’re put together a selection of foods to eat after exercising – even if you’re not particularly in a “healthy” mood!


Despite not being the most exciting type of food, lentils provide your body with a lot of fibre and healthy protein. This is especially great if you prefer exercising in the morning as it slowly burns throughout the day.

Not only does eating lentils after exercising help to keep your energy levels up, but it also keeps your blood sugar stable.

If you’re struggling on how to eat lentils, here are some delicious lentil recipes that you should try for breakfast, lunch or even dinner!


The key to a great post-exercise meal contains two types of food: protein and carbohydrates. What better way to boost your protein intake with eggs, that contain up to 30% of your daily value of protein?

Being the ultimate food to boost your overall health, eggs are also one of the most versatile ingredients. Whether you like them boiled, cooked, poached or even scrambled – they’re bound to give you all of the vitamins you need.

Top tip: If you think that raw eggs give you more nutritional benefits than cooked eggs, you’re wrong! In fact, a cooked egg allows your body to absorb almost 2x the amount of protein than their uncooked alternative.


An unusual choice for a post-workout meal, salmon is a great option for repairing your muscles and after exercising.

Because salmon is jam-packed with Omega 3 acting as an anti-inflammatory, this type of fishy food will help to re-build your muscle and aid with any repairs that may need after a strenuous exercise routine.



Sweet Potatoes

Better than their plain alternatives, sweet potatoes contain a variety of healthy nutrients and vitamins that help repair your body.

Along with containing vitamins B6 and C, they also provide you with a great dose of magnesium and potassium – both of which help to maintain fluid balance and lower blood pressure. Magnesium also helps with boosting your metabolism.


Although it may sound like the most obvious think to eat (or drink, in this case!) after exercising, it’s important to remember to keep up with the recommended water intake.

Drinking water has many notable benefits – including clearer skin, proper hydration and maintaining the balance of bodily fluids – so it’s definitely worth pouring yourself a glass when you get home from the gym.

What is your best food to eat after a workout? Are there any particular recipes that you enjoy?


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