Writing Guidelines


Please follow our writing guidelines if you’re interested in submitting an article!

Here at Celebricious, we’re looking for new, unique and fresh pieces to add to our ever-growing women’s lifestyle blog. We welcome our readers to submit a guest post, whether you want to share your ideas, stories and how-to guides with our audience. We want you to have free roam and let your creative juices flow. However, we do request that you observe our writing guidelines:

Relevant Topics

Being a women’s lifestyle blog, it’ll probably come as no surprise that we won’t publish content related to men’s lifestyle. We can’t stress the importance of reading our blog enough before you pitch to us to make sure that what you’re offering will benefit our readers.

Content Length

We know that some of the best stories can be told in a matter of sentences but here at Celebricious, we’re big fans of long, unique content.

Please make sure that your article is between 500 and 750 words in length! Your content must also be completely unique and not published elsewhere on the internet.

It must be written in standard English – no American spellings!

FAQ: Can I repost the article on my blog?

Sadly not! The aim of Celebricious is to offer women unique pieces of advice that cannot be found elsewhere. We’d really appreciate it if you didn’t repurpose your articles elsewhere – including your own blog.


We source our own – please don’t add them to your submission unless absolutely necessary!


Although we’re sure that you are an excellent writer, we will make grammatical or factual changes to your article if we find them necessary.

We also provide Press Release Distribution services. Please enquire.