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5 Eyelash Makeup Fails That You Can Avoid

Eyelash Makeup Fails

Every woman is a makeup lover. I mean most of them!  If you are new to the era of faux eyelashes, it’s usual to make mistakes and end up misguided. Makeup is a modern form of art and needs proper knowledge and practice to have the desired outcome. Just watching random makeup fail videos won’t […]


Getting Rid of Toxins from Your Body – Easy Ways


Too much of the internet and fast food nowadays has caused many of us to adapt to poor lifestyle habits gradually. Starting from being a couch potato to munching on junk food round the clock is slowly replacing our good health with a poor one. This causes the toxins to build up in our bodies […]


5 Best Breville Juicers – Affordable Juicing in July 2021


Are you in search of getting an affordable juicer that produces nutritious, healthy, and high-quality juicer without creating much hassle? We at Comp kitchen have done a lot of research and analysis to pick the best product for you. Our reviews will help you in knowing all the pros and cons of the topmost juicers […]


How to Create the Perfect Minimalist Home.


Our everyday lives are constantly filled with chaos and clutter- from socialising, to work, or to family commitments. Societally, we are told that our homes should be an environment which creates a calm atmosphere for homeowners, but often, our homes end up overwhelming us. The buildup of clutter in your home can be suffocating- despite […]