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Women’s Fashion Staples That Were Originally Just for Men

Fashion Staples

Both fashion and gender norms are in constant flux, so it makes sense that some of the standards we have today haven’t always been the case. Something as commonplace as pants would have turned heads if a woman wore them even just a century ago. We’re going to dive into this topic by exploring women’s fashion staples […]


Embracing Spring : 10 Spring Styles To Master in 2024

Spring Styles

Spring is finally here. The days get longer, the plants get more colourful, and fashion trends begin to emerge. Contrary to some opinions, spring is our favourite season. It sheds light on our old and dusty closet and highlights a new opportunity for change. Spring fashion in 2024 is noticeably different to its preceding years. […]


Fashion And Identity: Expressing Personal Style Beyond Trends


Fashion has served as a powerful form of self-expression for people since time immemorial. If you look back in time, you will see each era has its unique kind of fashion. The kind of clothes that you put on or the accessories you wear help you create and establish your identity. Being fashionable isn’t just […]


The Good and Bad Ways Exercise Can Affect Your Skin

Skin Exercise

Poor hygiene habits can alter the skin’s appearance. Exercising frequently comes with many risks and benefits to the skin’s health and complexion. It’s valuable to be aware of the good and bad ways exercise can affect your skin so you can tackle the matter head-on. Positive Effects of Exercise on Skin Increased Blood Flow and Oxygen As your […]