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What are top fashion brands doing to fight counterfeiting?


In the next few years, we will see many different actions that the top fashion brands will take to combat fake brand names. It is important to understand why they will be taking these actions. Fake designer labels, accessories, and even clothing are stealing market share from established, well-known brands. The best way to stop […]


Easy hairstyles every girl should know


With rising social influence, women are always in search of new trends. Whether it’s wearing blue mascara, colouring hair red, or tying a funky ponytail – women are up for all bold and dramatic looks. While editors and stylists have an eye on the runway to explore beauty trends, celebrities are flaunting stunning hairstyles. Haven’t […]


How handmade jewellery makes a statement


Jewellery is now big business, especially handmade jewellery. This has been brought about by the growing trend for handcrafted items in general and handmade jewellery in particular. These are pieces that are made by either a single person or a small team of artisans, using the same process and materials. People have been collecting handmade […]


How haircare is helping us through lockdown


As we adapt to another national lockdown, we can all safely say that being restricted to our homes impacts our lifestyles and buying habits. Without being able to socialise and enjoy our typical daily routine, our priorities naturally shift. As such, many of us have used lockdown as an opportunity to invest more heavily in […]