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Queen Elizabeth II – A 70 Year Journey Through Fashion


A 4-day bank holiday weekend will take place between 2 – 5 June to commemorate her coronation on 2 June. This period will be a time to reflect not only on her rule but also on her fashion sense. They say that fine feathers make fine birds, and that’s essential for a public figure with […]


Wigs Explained: How To Take Care Of Your Hairpiece


Whether you are wearing a wig as a fashion statement or due to some medical reasons, they most certainly can give you a boost of confidence and make you feel more beautiful. This hair modality is quickly shifting from being a medical necessity to a fashion commodity. There are thousands of options available for you […]


If You’re Not Looking After This Part of Your Skin, You Might as Well Throw Your Skincare Out


Our knowledge of skincare has improved massively from the days when we’d use harsh, gritty scrubs and try to dry our spots out to get rid of them. Now, we know that the best way to tackle texture, blackheads, and spots is to use treatments with acids, like BHAs (salicylic acid), AHAs (glycolic and lactic […]


5 Wedding Jewelry Trends That Are Prevalent in 2022


The wedding season is quickly approaching. Happy couples will exchange vows while others will become engaged. What do these couples look for when choosing wedding jewelry? What trends are popular in 2022? Custom Jewelry Every couple has a special love story. Why not exchange rings that represent this story? Engagement Rings by Scott’s Custom Jewelers […]