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6 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer


Around the world, cancer is one of the leading causes of death, so it’s quite natural to be concerned about preventing this disease. While you may not be able to completely eliminate the risk of cancer, the good news is that you can seriously reduce the likelihood that you will develop it by taking charge […]


More Than Just a Pool: The Hidden Healing Tricks of Colour in Spas


Spa season is here, and we’re all in dire need of a truly relaxing wellness experience! There is nothing more satisfying than slipping on your tan sandals and sundress and heading for a day or vacation that pampers your mind, body, and soul. Whether at home or abroad, spas are designed to nurture you, so […]


If You’re Not Looking After This Part of Your Skin, You Might as Well Throw Your Skincare Out


Our knowledge of skincare has improved massively from the days when we’d use harsh, gritty scrubs and try to dry our spots out to get rid of them. Now, we know that the best way to tackle texture, blackheads, and spots is to use treatments with acids, like BHAs (salicylic acid), AHAs (glycolic and lactic […]


5 Reasons To Take A Staycation In The UK

A shot of a mature woman and senior man jumping into a harbour together in wetsuits at Polperro, Cornwall.

The past couple of years have restricted a lot of us from holidaying abroad, luckily there are plenty of beautiful places to explore in the UK. Our weather may not be as predictable as somewhere like sunny Spain, however staycations definitely have their benefits. Below are just 5 of the many reasons to take a […]