5 Simple Tips to Get Through a Rough Day & Feel Happier Instantly


Abad day can strike us at any time and completely throw us off what we’re meant to be doing. Hindering your productivity levels and making you feel generally ‘meh’, you might need a little bit more than just a positive attitude to get you through.

As a blogger running two blogs whilst still working at my full-time job, I have a lot on my plate on a regular basis – making it inevitable for something to go wrong. Heck, my day got off to a flying start when I sat down and ripped my trousers yesterday and put a complete downer on my morning.

However, I’ve been trying to implement these tips for when I’m having a shitty day and unfortunately, you’ll probably be reading this post if you’ve had a particularly bad day at school or work. In that case, I hope I cheer you up by the end!

Here are my ultimate tips for getting through a rough day (plus some bonus quotes, because why not?):

1. Take a Break

Whilst not being the easiest way to relieve stress whilst you’re working, taking a break from the environment which is making you feel down can have huge benefits.

Not only does this give you a change of scenery (important, especially if you work in an office!), but it provides you with time to clear your mind and get your priorities straight.

When I’m having a “nothing is going right for me!” day at work, I use my lunch break to completely get away from the office and give myself some thinking time. Once I’ve calmed down (and realised that I’m probably being too over-dramatic), I come back with a clearer head and feel more productive.

2. Read Motivational Quotes

What would an inspiration-style post be without some quotes thrown in there?

I’ve noticed a lot of gloomy Monday-morning social media updates, so we’ve tried to transform our social accounts into places you can come to feel inspired. There is a lot of great content on the 
Facebook page recently – make sure you’re there to see it!

3. Meditate

I’ll be the first to admit that when you first begin meditating, it’s hard. I’ve lay in bed and fallen asleep whilst ‘meditating’, and I’ve also stared at my neighbour’s roof to count the tiles because I was so bored.

However, I’ve been practicing my meditation techniques and it works wonders for me when I’m having a rough day. Now, I just pop in my earphones and listen to a quick breathing podcast and I feel like I’ve been given a little bit more energy for the rest of the day.

4. Try Some Exercise

If you’re one of those people that likes to take their stress out physically, why not grab yourself some punch bags and have a boxing session at the gym (or even at home if you’ve got gym-fear!).

Exercising releases endorphins – a hormone that makes you feel better within your body and reduces stress. No matter what type of activity you do, working out for a few minutes can instantly boost your mood and make you feel more positive.

5. What are You Grateful For?

Perhaps you’ve gotten to the end of the day and still can’t shift your bad mood, or you’ve not had time to get some exercise. One thing I’d always recommend for mood-boosting is asking yourself, “what am I grateful for?”.

Every night before I go to sleep, I list three different things that I’m glad to have in my life (but they have to be different every time – that’s the tricky part).

From being grateful that I eat my favourite pasta dish for lunch to being grateful that my loved ones are all in great health, it can help shift some of the negative thoughts in your mind and make you appreciate what you actually have.

What’s your best tip for getting through a rough day?

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