4 Simple On-The-Go Beauty Travel Tips for Any Makeup Lover


No matter where in the world you’re travelling to (never mind how you get there!), spending hours on the road can cause major disruption to your beauty routine.

If you’re jet-setting by plane, the lack of moisture in the air causes dehydration and irritation; both of which can take their toll on your skin and overall appearance. You may not feel your usual self, which can put a dampener on your entire trip.

From not lugging along your entire makeup collection to having a shorter amount of time to slap on your beauty products, there are a number of beauty travel tips that make sure you feel your beautiful self throughout your entire holiday:

1. Travel Sizes

When I first began travelling, I’d always walk straight past the travel-size products because I just didn’t trust that there would be enough product to last me the entire holiday (coming from the girl who’s 500ml conditioner bottle lasts just over a week!).

However, I took them on my recent trip to Krakow and completely changed my mind. Despite only going for 5 full days, I bought travel-sized versions of the essentials – dry shampoo, conditioner and even mascara – all of which I didn’t fully use up.

You can also get use out of your beauty subscription boxes and free samples here!

2. Pack Multi-Taskers

The chances are, you’ve experienced the feeling of dread when it comes to packing your hand luggage bag.

The rules and restrictions may vary depending on who you’re flying with, but the majority of airlines don’t allow you to travel with more than 100ml of liquid. That means that foundations, some concealers and other liquid-based makeup products are thrown away and wasted.

The key to mastering your holiday makeup bag is to pack items and products that multitask. Let’s take a a concealer, for example – it can double up as an under-eye concealer and spot eraser, as well as making a great makeshift eye shadow primer.

Not only does this free-up space in your makeup bag, it also gets rid of the chance of being over the liquid limit!

3. Baby Wipes

When I pack my holiday luggage, the only thing I always make sure to take is a pack of baby wipes (along with my passport, of course).

From cleaning your face to having a quick wash-down after the mad run to find your taxis from the airport, you can buy a small (travel-sized!) pack of baby wipes that are thrown in your hand luggage for whenever you need them.

4. Moisturise

As we mentioned earlier, flying – or any kind of travelling – can wreak havoc when it comes to the amount of moisture in your skin. This is because the high pressure and altitude exhausts all of the water from your skin, leaving it feeling dry and tight.

The key to preventing dehydrated skin is to drink plenty of water. Although you might not reach the amount that’s recommended by experts, ensuring that you’re not missing out on your water intake can help you skin through this tough time.

Packing a light moisturiser is also great for this, and aids with making your skin feel better instantly.


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