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Advantages of Double Vanity Units


A double vanity unit is usually a large-sized bathroom appliance that essentially combines a small sink into a larger countertop (typically a wet to dry bar). There are other variations to single vanity units. For instance, they can be freestanding, part of a suite of bathroom vanities, or even simply put as a standalone piece. […]


Best flower to plant in winter according to Instagram


Damon Culbert of the Indian Fire Bowl Company     has some great ways to fill your garden with blooms all year round. The same seasons coming round every year, the ability to remark on days getting shorter, the weather getting colder and the leaves falling off is something we engage in every 12 months. […]


Four great reasons to move to the countryside


One of the biggest shifts in recent times related to how and where we all live, yet it’s hardly ever discussed. For most of human history, people lived in quiet villages or in the countryside, close to nature. But the rise of the city changed all that. Today, more people are flocking to cosmopolitan areas […]


Annual home maintenance: Create a To-Do List For 2021


It is unlikely most of us will want to spend time climbing the ladder and unclog the gutters on a Sunday morning. However, if you’ve invested tons of money in your home, as is the case with most people, taking out some time to maintain it is a must! Home maintenance can feel like an […]