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How to look after the rattan furniture properly?


What is rattan furniture? Rattan furniture is created from rattan vines that are plain-woven conjointly to make out-of-door furniture, generally utilized in the summertime. Rattan can be either raw or synthetical. Raw rattan, which arises from the fibers of a plant accompanying palm trees, is not appropriate for all weather conditions and does not go […]


How to find your inner zen whilst moving house


Most people only move house a handful of times in their life. This means that each time, they’re often having to relearn what they found out the hard way the last time. There are, however, some people who move home regularly. These people learn how to move with maximum efficiency and minimum stress. Here’s how […]


Benjamin Thompson Kirk: Canada’s Housing Market Rallies in February 2022


Benjamin Thompson Kirk has specialist knowledge of the Canadian, US, and UK real estate markets, helping clients from all over the world(1). This article looks at Canada’s real estate sector, and how an influx of new properties being added to stock inventories has driven a surge in property sales.(2) One month does not make a […]


Latest Wall Decor Ideas for Homes in 2022


Homes make the place where we relax and escape the rest of the world for a while. So, it is very important to decorate your home to make it look more beautiful and interesting.  The look and atmosphere of a room can change when you put something interesting on your walls. Decorative finishes add to […]