5 Essential Makeup Products You Should Always Carry in Your Bag

Makeup Products

In the fast-moving society, readiness is key in keeping up that perfect look. You need to be ready for anything given any circumstance you may find yourself in. Whether it be going straight from work to dinner or needing to touch up here and there during the day, having your makeup essentials in your bag comes in handy. Here are five must-have makeup products that should always have a place in your on-the-go beauty kit:

1.Foundation/ Tinted Moisturizer

A foundation is what covers everything else allowing it to blend as one while evening out skin tone and providing coverage. Opt for a product that corresponds with your skin type giving you medium to full natural-looking coverage. Consider foundations which contain SPF protection or hydrating components for added skincare benefits throughout the day making sure your complexion stays fresh and radiant. The best moisturizer is the solution to your dull skin. 


Concealer is used under or over foundation because this helps hide dark circles, blemishes, redness, etc., which can show through even when foundation is applied correctly. Selecting creamy formulae will allow easy blending into the skin concealing all manner of sins! Use concealer sticks because they are compact ensuring convenience during travel therefore making you look rested always.

3. Mascara

Mascara or two is necessary for every no makeup look to define and enhance the lashes. Use water resistant mascara that would resist unexpected rain showers and emotional moments by making your eyelashes long, thick and free from any smudges all day long. Keep a small mascara wand with you whenever you need a touch up for some extra drama.

4. Lipstick or lip balm

Moisturized lips are instant! A swipe of lipstick or lip balm gives your lips hydration as well as color which brings the whole look together. Choose a shade that can be worn both during the day and night easily because it suits your skin tone best among other shades. Keep them moisturized throughout the day with some long wear formula so they remain soft, smooth and kissable even after hours of use.

5. Blotting Papers or Setting Powder

For this purpose, blotting papers or setting powder is necessary, if you don’t want the extra shine and want your makeup to look new all day long. If you are in a hurry or don’t have enough time to touch up your makeup then an oil absorbing sheet is perfect for you which will absorb the excess oil quickly without ruining your makeup whereas setting powder helps everything stay put giving it a matte finish with no glow. Keep some of these items handy like travel-sized setting powders packs of blotting paper so that they can be used whenever required by placing them inside a purse or backpack.

Expert Tips for Maintaining Your On-the-Go Beauty Routine

Once you’re done collecting all your major cosmetic products and preparing them for ready-to-go, there are a few things that can help in giving you the tip to enhance your beauty routine.

1. Keep Your Bag Organized

2. Choose Multi-Functional Products

3. Refresh Throughout the Day by drinking enough water

4. Use the best primer for your skin

5. Invest in pint-sized makeup products

6. Practice Good Hygiene

7. Don’t Forget SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

8. Flaunt Your Natural Beauty


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