8 Types Of Wedding Photo Booths To Choose From

Wedding Photo Booths

Are you ready to go down the aisle to say ‘I Do’ to your partner? All the planning is in full swing? Location check, caterers check, flower decor check, but, do you think something is left? Oh, yes. The innovative item that adds extra charm to your wedding, is a photo booth. 

As you both will get busy with your wedding stuff, a photo booth will help your guests create fun memories. When it comes to the photo booth, you’re the boss. You get to choose the backdrop that matches your style and makes your guests go crazy. It’s all about converting your special moments into something extra special.

Whether you want something rustic, glamorous, or classic, there’s a photo booth for each of your choices. So, let’s pick the perfect one and make your wedding photos unforgettable!

360 Photo Booth

The booth gives your guests a mesmerising experience, as it captures the shots from 360 degrees. What they have to do is to stand or express themselves on the platform, the camera will rotate around them and Voila! 

Cherish the perfect shots. The rotation captures those celebratory moods from every angle, creating stunning photos that showcase the entire scene. 

Surprise your loved ones with this setup and see them having unlimited fun at a  360 photo booth in Tipperary. 

Selfie Mirror

Place a selfie mirror in your wedding and see how the fun won’t stop. Whether it’s Grandma busting a move or your besties striking a pose, the selfie mirror ensures that every memory is preserved in style. 

With the selfie mirror, instant prints are the name of the game. Within seconds of snapping their photos, they’ll have high-quality prints in hand, ready to take home as souvenirs of your big day.

Say cheese, and book a selfie mirror wedding day and make it unforgettable!

Open-Air Booth

Bid farewell to crowded confines! Our open-air booth provides ample space for groups of any size to come together and capture the joy of your celebration.

With our open-air setup, you have the freedom to select or design custom backdrops that perfectly complement your wedding theme or aesthetic. From scenic landscapes to elegant drapes, the options are limitless.

Anticipate endless entertainment for your guests with our open-air booth. Whether they’re striking silly poses with props or capturing heartfelt moments, this booth adds an extra dose of excitement and joy to your special day.

Old-School Photo Booth

Transport your guests from modern-day weddings to a bygone era with the timeless allure of a wedding photo booth in Tipperary. Yes, it’s the old-school photo booth where every click of the shutter promises to capture nostalgic memories in vintage style.

Take your guests on an authentic journey with vintage props, curtain closures, and the iconic countdown timer for timeless photo memories.

It’s a nostalgic journey back to the days of analogue photography, where each click of the shutter holds its magic.

No matter if it’s young or old, everyone loves the timeless entertainment of an old-school photo booth. It brings guests together, encourages laughter and creativity, and adds a touch of whimsy to your wedding celebration.

GIF-Maker Photo Booth

Get ready to bring your photos to life with the GIF-Maker Photo Booth at your wedding!  The interactive nature of the booth encourages everyone to join in the fun, creating engagement and interaction throughout your wedding celebration.

With this booth in place, guests can instantly share their animated creations on social media, spreading the joy far and wide in real time!

Forget about traditional prints—guests can download their GIFs digitally, ensuring they have personalized keepsakes of your special day which they can treasure forever and share with friends and family. 

Let the GIFs fun begin!

Green Screen Photo Booth

Let your imagination soar! With the green screen, whisk your guests to far-off lands or whimsical worlds for picture-perfect fun! The booth isn’t just a photo-op—it’s a friendship catalyst! Watch as guests bond over wacky poses and share laughter.

Forget awkward small talk—your loved ones dive headfirst into the photo-taking frenzy. Whether it’s a starry night sky or a bustling cityscape, these dynamic scenes will take your guests on a virtual journey with each click.

Give guests the power to choose their adventure with a live background selection. Using a touchscreen interface, they can browse through a variety of scenes in real-time and find the perfect backdrop for their photo op.

Camper Photo Booth

Get ready for some serious fun as guests pile into the camper, striking poses and snapping photos against the backdrop of its cozy interior.

The camper photo booth isn’t just a booth—it’s an experience! Guests will explore and snap pics, creating memories that’ll have everyone smiling for years to come.

Embrace the retro vibes with your collection of vintage props and accessories, adding a dash of nostalgia and quirky fun to every photo.

With instant prints or digital copies, guests take home their hilarious photos right away, keeping the wedding party vibes alive long after the celebration ends. Get started and book the best wedding photo booth in Tipperary. 

AR (Augmented Reality) Photo Booth

In your wedding create a world where reality meets imagination with the AR (Augmented Reality) photo booth—an immersive experience that takes your photos to the next level.

With a delightful array of digital props that respond to your gestures and expressions, creating laughter-filled snapshots that capture the magic of the moment. Experiment with different combinations of props to craft unforgettable memories that reflect the essence of your special day in a one-of-a-kind fashion.

With the AR photo booth, your wedding makes unforgettable moments that you and your guests will treasure for a lifetime.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it, all about the amazing photo booth options in Tipperary! Eight awesome wedding photo booth styles to choose from. Whether you go for the classic booth, the trendy mirror booth, or something completely unique, one thing’s for sure – your wedding photos are bound to be a blast!

Now, get ready to strike a pose and say cheese! Your photo booth adventure awaits!


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