Types of Eyebrow Shaping Techniques for Professionals

eyebrow shaping

Stay up-to-date with the latest eyebrow shaping techniques so you can offer your clients the best service possible. Here are five techniques trending right now.

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Beauty is in the details, and when it comes to facial features, few details are as striking as a well-groomed set of eyebrows. As such, beauty enthusiasts across the globe rely on professionals to craft the perfect arches and tame unruly hairs to enhance their appearance. 

With the growing emphasis on eyebrow shaping, it is essential for professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques in this field. Here are some of the most popular eyebrowshaping techniques that professionals should be familiar with.


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that uses a twisted cotton thread to swiftly yet precisely remove eyebrow hair by the follicle. This technique traces back centuries and has stood the test of time for good reason—it’s fast, it’s hygienic, and it’s known for creating a sharply defined brow line. 

Threading is particularly advantageous as it’s gentle on the skin, making it a suitable option for all clients, irrespective of skin sensitivity or type. 


For clients seeking semi-permanent definition, microblading offers a solution that mimics the look of real hairs. Using a specialized blade, professionals implant pigment under the skin in fine, hair-like strokes, giving the illusion of a fuller brow. 

This meticulous artform requires skill and precision but offers long-lasting results. Take a professional course or read a Microblading 101 guide to become adept at this sought-after technique.


Waxing is another type of eyebrow shaping technique professionals should know. Despite being around for decades, it remains a staple in most beauty salons. It’s relatively quick and offers long-lasting results compared to other methods. 

Waxing is ideal for clients with thicker eyebrow hair that requires more precision and control during shaping. To provide a comfortable experience, ensure you use high-quality wax that’s suitable for sensitive skin.


Tinting is a perfect service to recommend for those wanting to enhance their brow shape and color. During a tinting session, you apply a semi-permanent dye to the brows to darken them, helping to add more definition, especially for those with naturally fair brows. The result is a more polished look that complements various shaping methods, including threading and lamination, which we’ll cover shortly.


Brow lamination is a technique that reshapes the brow hairs to give them direction and make them look fuller. This method is particularly useful for clients who wear glasses; shaping the brows upwards can create a natural lifting effect, which balances the brow aesthetic for those with frames. If you need to shape the brows of a client that wears glasses, this technique is a must-know.

By mastering multiple shaping techniques, you can offer a comprehensive service that caters to the individual needs of your clients. Whether they want a quick and precise method like threading or a more long-lasting solution like microblading, you can provide them with the best options to enhance their natural beauty. And when they leave your salon with perfectly shaped eyebrows, they’ll be sure to spread the word and bring in more clients, resulting in a thriving business for you.


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