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Tips for Making a Caravan Road Trip More Enjoyable


Travel is a bucket list item for a lot of people. Whether you’re determined to explore every state in Australia or you have an international mindset, there are a lot of ways to get to your destination. One way to enjoy the whole trip is to travel in a caravan. Air travel can be expensive […]


Bought a motorcycle in lockdown? Hiding hands and folding arms in pictures could make you appear amateur, body language expert warns

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Body language expert says hiding hands, folding arms, and rigidly grinning in pictures are clear signs of an amateur motorcyclist Natural facial expressions (yes, even smiles) are better than scowls for the best professional-looking motorcycle photo Wide stances and staring at the camera in photos are effective ways to evoke confidence  The first eight months […]


Travelling this summer? Safe and affordable destinations


Who doesn’t want to spend their summer sipping bottomless mimosas, enhancing the understanding of distinct cultural traditions, traveeling to rediscover the meaning of adventure, or diversifying one’s palette? Two of the major problems that inhibit travelling in 2021 have to do with money and safety. The pandemic induced unemployment, political turmoil, and financial restrictions for […]


5 Tips to plan a work-cation amidst the pandemic


The pandemic is still here, and like the UK, many American employers have decided to stick to the remote model for the long haul. Now that employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere, the concept of work-cations is emerging strong. Y ou can travel to your favourite destination and stay there for as long […]