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COVID-19 has helped more than half of Brits be environmentally conscious


Empty streets during lockdown have made more than half of Brits reconnect with the environment. UK traffic fell by almost 75 per cent in April, reaching levels not seen since 1955, while UK carbon emissions fell by 31 per cent. The number of vehicles back on the road is now approaching pre-Covid levels, but the […]


A Perfect Martial Art with Muay Thai Camp and Boxing in Thailand for Your Health

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There are a lot of people who face difficulty in losing weight and staying in perfect shape. When life becomes easier for the people and they have everything in their life, there is a tendency for people to misuse their comfort and start overeating. They become lazy and don’t move enough to meet the average […]


Going travelling? Here’s how the safest drivers stay awake on the road


We all believe that we can get behind the wheel and be the safest drivers on the road. The problem is that after a while, exhaustion sets in. That tug of sleepiness behind the eyes? We are all subjected to it and it becomes very difficult to fight after a while. You have been told […]


How to spend 72 hours in Rome


One visit to Rome is never enough, and 72 hours in Rome is still too short. Rome is the capital city of Italy and is frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. With the spring and summer months packed out with tourists, Rome can still be enjoyed in the winter months. There is […]