Apps on your phone reveal your state of mind, says leading psychologist


Smartphone apps can show your state of mind, outlook on life and your motivations, a leading psychologist has revealed.

It comes after a poll of 2,000 mobile users found 44 per cent of people believe you can learn a lot about someone based on how their phone is organised.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos, who is working with investment app eToro, believes having apps impeccably ordered into neat folders mean you are unlikely to have piles of dirty washing, mounting layers of dust or grimy surfaces in your home.

You’re also more likely to be someone who seeks out order and is comforted by clear rules and goals.

Those aged 34 and under are most likely to organise their apps into folders, therefore finding comfort in order on their device.

On the other hand, a chaotic mishmash of both work and leisure apps may mean you’re feeling the pressure and struggling to separate your home life from your career.

Those most likely to struggle with separating their work from their personal life are aged 35-44, with nearly a quarter saying they use their phone equally for business and pleasure.

However, a messy phone could also indicate you’re more care-free in nature, possibly more creative and that you have a higher tolerance for uncertainty.

Women were found to be the most carefree, with 46 per cent admitting they don’t arrange their apps at all, along with 62 per cent of those aged over 55.

Dr Linda said: “eToro’s research provides a fascinating insight into the behaviours people have around their phones.

“Many see their phones as a reflection of themselves through how they use their phones and also their app choices.

“Phones are now so much more than a communication device and have become crucial in our daily lives.

“So much can be done from your phone, so it’s interesting to analyse the value of what you’re doing with the time spent on your phone.”

Those surveyed, in the poll commissioned by eToro, had an average of 36 apps on their phone and believe social networking, music and finance apps are the ones they would most struggle to live without.

WhatsApp came out as the most used app followed by Facebook and Facebook messenger.

YouTube, Instagram and Google Search were also highly used by respondents.

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