Embracing Spring : 10 Spring Styles To Master in 2024

Spring Styles

Spring is finally here. The days get longer, the plants get more colourful, and fashion trends begin to emerge. Contrary to some opinions, spring is our favourite season. It sheds light on our old and dusty closet and highlights a new opportunity for change. Spring fashion in 2024 is noticeably different to its preceding years. Fashion week showcased some of the stape styles we are anticipating to see in the coming months. Not to mention the online trends and buzz around them we are seeing being discussed through platforms such as TikTok. We can not wait to see what spring styles people bring out, but in case you are looking for some inspiration, we have the ultimate checklist of which style you can try for yourself.

Colourful cover-ups 

First things first, we are deviating slightly away from the neutral and minimalist tones that we got so comfortable within 2023. Now, maximalism is paving its way back into the fashion scene. Spring is all about the weather getting warmer, however cute and colourful cover-ups will still be needed. From Barbie pink to eccentric patterns, jackets and cover-ups are making a statement in 2024. Not forgetting about our modest girls, we expect that this year’s traditional black abayas will feature more colourful and beautiful patterns on the material for that extra spring glow!

The dress-down dress

Dresses are not only for special occasions in spring 2024. Perhaps due to the cost of living crisis or the reliance on multi-use pieces, dresses that can be dressed down will be visible everywhere. We are talking filled dresses styled with an undershirt and boots, that can also be dressed for an event in the evening. Or a staple slinky maxi dress that looks great in heels for a date, but can also be styled with an over-shirt and sneakers for an off-duty look. We love the dress-down dress trend, and we expect to see it worn time and time again, even as we head into the summer months.

Office siren 

If you are an avid TikTok user you have likely come across the ‘office siren’ trend. This style of fashion is driven by the corporate fashion styles we witnessed in the 90s, and now this look is back better than ever. Opting for an ironed button shirt, bayonet pair of specks and tailored trousers or skirt and tight of your choice, the office siren look is simply art. Whilst some say the look services form the idea of an ‘office crush’, or that colleague who always seems to look put together, the office siren style is not one we will be bored of for a long time.

The last of the furs 

The mod wife trend was well and truly milked over the winter months. With vintage fur coats, hats, and all kinds of accessories becoming the must-have fashion pieces, we are starting to see the last of the fur trend trickle into spring. Rather than the full-force fur coat, we expect to see subtler fur detailing. From fur-cropped jackets to cute furry clutches, we are beginning to lay fur to rest in light of the warmer months in the coming. Who knows, waterproof fur bikinis might fight their way into the summer months.

Coquette aesthetic

Think cottage core, but even girlier and more bows! The coquette aesthetic will be coming back to us for spring 2024. We saw sneak peeks of its impact in the winter months, but spring is where this trend will well and truly shine. From bows to flowers, to rows of pearls, adopting the coquette trend this season will simply require your most girly outfits, with these small additions. Keep it light, pink and feminine, and be your most girliest coquette self for spring 2024!

High rise trousers 

High-rise trousers have been an essential for some time now. However, we are talking about the oversized, pleated, draping high-rise trousers. Imagine you wearing your dad’s smart work trousers, paired with a cute belt, tank top and blazer. We are all here for it. This look falls into the business casual fashion trend we have seen emerging as an extension of the coquette trend. 

Bodysuits and tights 

The fashion choices of Bianca Censori (Kanye West’s new wife) have been plastered all over the news and media. Whilst some of her fashion choices have been questionable, and in some cases illegal, there is one style that seems to have caught on. From red carpet looks to celebrity dinners, the bodysuit and tights look has been taking over by storm. Minimalist whilst making an impact, in spring 2024 we expect the most daring fashionistas to pair their favourite bodysuit and tights with an oversized trench and boots. 

Cat eye sunnies 

Sunglasses will not only be an extra accessory for spring 2024 but entire outfits will be planned around the addition of cute sunglasses. Sunglasses have been well and truly neglected in recent years, but with recent attention paid to wearing fashion glasses (again thanks to the office siren trend), sunglasses will be the new area for attention. Cat eye sunglasses will be in high demand, with fashionistas opting for a thin, blacked-out frame for the mysterious woman look.

Beanies are back 

Last but certainly not least, more focus will be placed on beanies. Beanies have been a hipster style trend for years now, but the beanie look is starting to pour into the street fashion scene. Printed beanies with some kind of knitted detailing are hot on the scene, with influences such as Kenza making them an essential off-duty street style look. Paired with a puffer coat and mom jeans, beanies are the next hottest thing in spring 2024.

In summary 

Overall, the spring looks for 2024 will be ones to remember. From maximalist cover-ups to the corporate office siren look, there are so many trends to experiment with. Remember to shop with versatility and usability in mind, and opt for capsule looks that will last the test of time for seasons to come.


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