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3 easy duck recipes that are just as tasty as they are impressive


Fried, shredded, braised, roasted. Duck is sophisticated, versatile and, most importantly, delicious. Traditionally used heavily in Asian cuisine, duck is now enjoyed across the world and can be cooked to suit any preference. Whether it’s a rich alternative for a Sunday roast, the unsung hero of a curry or entwined as part of a pasta […]


Covid Causes Sky-High User Numbers for Online Dating Services and Paves the Way for Virtual Dating


While many businesses struggled to survive during the Covid crisis, lots of online dating services experienced rising numbers, and the outbreak has actually contributed to setting the standard for online dating in the future.While lockdowns and social restrictions became the new reality, a multitude of online dating services witnessed both rising user numbers and growing […]


Benjamin Thompson Kirk: Canada’s Housing Market Rallies in February 2022


Benjamin Thompson Kirk has specialist knowledge of the Canadian, US, and UK real estate markets, helping clients from all over the world(1). This article looks at Canada’s real estate sector, and how an influx of new properties being added to stock inventories has driven a surge in property sales.(2) One month does not make a […]


The Best Coffee Flavour For Your Star Sign!

Best Coffee Shops in Manchester

Learning the traits of your star sign is an interesting way to find out more about your personality, and in this case, we’re looking at flavoured coffee. From caramel to gingerbread, chocolate to chai, you can tell a lot about a person based on their taste preference. Beanies, the UK flavoured coffee company, has teamed […]