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Monster Guard – The Award-Winning Amazon Alexa Skill Is Now In App Stores, Just In Time For World Sleep day!

Monster Guard

Popular Amazon Alexa Skill ‘Monster Guard’ has made the transition from smart speakers to mobile devices. Offering a fun way to help parents get anxious children to sleep, Monster Guard ‘scans’ kid’s bedrooms for scary creatures (don’t worry parents, no monsters are ever actually detected. Phew!) before activating a ‘sonic forcefield’ to keep the room […]


Feast in Style: Discover Top-Tier Catering Services for Any Event

Catering Services

Hosting an event soon in Southern California? Whether it’s a grand holiday party, an intimate birthday bash, or an official corporate gathering, the success of your event often hinges on the quality of food and service. That’s where Distinctive Catering steps in to elevate your celebration. Let’s dive into why Distinctive Catering is your go-to choice for […]


The Most Iconic Film Jewellery Of All Time

Film Jewellery

The world of film has helped to bring us some of the most iconic jewellery moments of all time. Costume design, including jewellery, plays a huge role in visually translating the character and also to help mark the important moment in history. Subtle details (or not so subtle in most of these cases) like jewellery […]


Lucrative Beauty Careers To Explore in 2024

Beauty Careers

The beauty industry is more than what meets the eye—it’s an ever-evolving market filled with not only makeup, skincare, and haircare but also promising career opportunities. From traditional roles with a twist to the rise of new jobs created by technology, there’s never been a better time to dip your toes—or fingertips—into the beauty world. For […]