The Ultimate Makeup Starter Kit for Beginners

the ultimate starter makeup kit

Forming your own makeup kit can be confusing even for the most knowledgeable beauty blogger – never mind a beginner. Walking into any beauty store can be overwhelming. You may find it difficult to choose a product; never mind the struggle you’ll probably face when it comes to choosing a shade or colour!

Your makeup collection doesn’t have to be a gigantic stash full to the brim with products you’ll never use; instead, we’d recommend keeping a small but strong kit of essentials.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of beauty and build up your own collection, we’re sharing the ultimate makeup starter kit for beginners:


Unfortunately, foundation is often the hardest thing in any makeup routine to crack. Get it wrong and you run the risk of looking like you’ve fallen face-first into a pot of fake tan, but get it right and your skin can look naturally incredible.

My top tip for finding your perfect foundation is to check that the undertone of the foundation matches that of your skin. The shade may be the ideal fit but if it’s the wrong undertone, it won’t look as great.

Olive skin tends to have a slightly yellower look and therefore should choose foundations that has warm undertones. If your skin is on the pinkier side, it’s best to opt for a foundation that has cool.


A concealer that covers problematic areas on your skin has the ability to take your base from ‘alright’ to ‘amazing’, and can be used for a variety of applications.

Finding a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone has a 2-in-1 purpose; it can be used to cover dark circles and highlight beneath the eyes for a brightening effect. It can also save space in your makeup stash when applying on the eyelids and setting with powder as a great eyeshadow primer.

Concealer can also be used to hide any spots, red areas or marks that your foundation fails to cover.

Eyeshadow palette

Finding an eyeshadow palette that has a range of essential shades is a must in any makeup starter kit and can help to save space in your collection.

Something like the Urban Decay Naked palette would be ideal for this as it contains all of the eyeshadows you’d ever need; from subtle daylight looks to a full night time makeup.

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I’d always suggest to have two eyeliners in a beginner’s makeup kit – a black/brown and nude colour.

Black shades are amongst one of the most versatile and can be used to add definition to your eyes. If you’re wanting a day-time look, add a small amount of product to the base of your lashes to make them naturally look thicker.

A nude shade applied to the waterline opens up your eyes and reduces redness, making you look wide awake in an instant.

A pencil eyeliner is one of the easiest liners to work with and is ideal for any newbie looking to build up their collection.


Whenever somebody asks me what they think is the most important makeup item to have in a starter kit, I’ll always say a mascara.

The effect of a good mascara is similar to that of a nude eyeliner but much more dramatic. Making you look instantly wide awake, adding lashings of mascara can open your eyes and make you appear like you’ve had a restful nights’ sleep – even if you haven’t.

Even if you have short, sparse lashes that need a lot of work when it comes to mascara, it’s definitely an area worth investing time and money when starting your collection!


Bronzer and blush

A bronzer can take you from looking like you’ve never stepped into sunlight to looking like you’ve been naturally sun kissed after being on holiday. Applying it in a 3-shape to connect your temples, cheeks and jawline also has the ability to contour your skin and look naturally sculpted.

Finding a good blush can help you naturally full of life. I’d always recommend to use a highlighting blush that can add a natural glow without having an excessive amount of product on your face.


I always find that lipstick is one of the most exciting things to include in a makeup starter kit and it’s good to have a few options.

A nude lipstick that compliments your skin tone can be worn everyday with any kind of makeup look. I also always keep a red lipstick (my favourite is Russian Red by MAC!) to add an extra “something” to my beauty routine.

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