The Best Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

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When it comes to red lipstick, one size sadly doesn’t fit all. Although your friend may wear a great lipstick that suits their skin perfectly, it’s important to find the perfect fit for you.

Finding the perfect red lipstick can be a daunting task, especially when you head into a makeup store and see thousands of red lipstick options.

The key to finding the perfect red lipstick is dependent on your skin tone due to red being such a harsh colour. Some variations of the typical red lipstick look better on different skin tones, so our red lipstick guide is here to help when you get stuck!


Finding a red lipstick that doesn’t wash out fairer complexions really can be a tricky task.

Fairer skin tones tend to suit blue-red lipsticks as they bright out the best features within the skin. Blue-red lipsticks are red lipsticks with a cool (or blue) undertone and have great teeth whitening properties!

Cherry red

Cherry-red lipsticks on pale skin is guaranteed to look amazing. This kind of shade can be found in blue-red styles which make the lips pop and your whole face look much brighter and fresher.

Cherry red lipsticks can make you look more youthful, especially when paired with minimal makeup and worn in the Summer time!


Red lipsticks that are more on the cranberry side are a great (and more mature) version of a cherry red colour.

Cranberry lipsticks tend to show the coolness that a pale complexion usually has but look amazing, especially when worn with a winged liner and lashings of mascara to give you the super-glam Hollywood look.


mac russian red lipstick


People with a medium complexion are pretty lucky when it comes to makeup; they’re guaranteed to find a great foundation shade in normal makeup stores AND they can wear pretty much any red lipstick that they’d like!


A blackberry-style lipstick that is much darker than reds is a great option for people with a medium skin tone.

Lipsticks that are almost purple in colour have a similar effect to cranberry lipsticks on pale skin. They aren’t as bright and stand-out as cranberry lipsticks but look amazing nonetheless.


A red lipstick that contains mainly orange tones is the best lipstick for anyone with medium skin tones to wear. It’s harder to pull off than other red lipsticks but looks incredible when it’s worn well!

Grab yourself a makeup brush and do your makeup lightly, adding the bright orange-red lipstick to add a pop of colour. You’ll definitely get a few compliments on how amazing it looks!


red lipsticks 1


Similar to people with a fairer skin tone, it’s hard to find a red lipstick that is flattering on darker skin.


Maroon-type lipsticks look incredible on darker complexions and they really compliment the unique qualities. Red lipsticks that have a hint of brown or a dark undertone are best suited for this skin tone.


The typical and ‘standard’ red lipstick is great for people with darker skin tones as they are so striking. However, tangerine-style shades or bright orange reds are the best because of how flattering they look against the skin colour.

Bright orange lipsticks are harder to pull of but when it’s done right, it looks amazing. Pair it with natural makeup (perhaps a bold eyeliner) and you’ll be good to go!


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