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Lockdown is bringing out confident, bare ladies


Despite social pressures to be perfect, a study has found more than a quarter of respondents have felt comfortable looking eu natural during the current pandemic. And a further 34 per cent have even taken more care of their skin than usual. Of the younger 18-24 demographic, 39 per cent have felt less pressure to […]


How to get the edge with a makeup artistry course


Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life or move to the top of your game as a Makeup Artist? Your reality can begin with that first simple step of completing a makeup artistry certification online. This will open a world of opportunity for you to become a much sought-after artist of […]


Everything a beginner needs in a makeup kit


Watching the beauty bloggers create that perfect makeup look is tempting enough to make you want to dip your brushes into a riot of colours and palettes. Desperate to learn the art of the perfect cut crease eye shadow or how to create a rosy glow of blush? There is loads to learn but if […]


Top tips to achieve flawless skin


We all have that friend who came to college with an orange face and a white neck…. hopefully it wasn’t you! To help us all get that celebrity flawless glow when it comes to applying foundation and concealer, we’ve enlisted the help of make-up artist-to-the-stars Emma Osborne, for some top tricks from the trade. Emma’s […]