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We all have that friend who came to college with an orange face and a white neck…. hopefully it wasn’t you!

To help us all get that celebrity flawless glow when it comes to applying foundation and concealer, we’ve enlisted the help of make-up artist-to-the-stars Emma Osborne, for some top tricks from the trade.

Emma’s desire to enhance natural beauty has earned her a loyal client base across the fashion and music industries. She was influential in launching Rita Ora into stardom, creating her looks for over six years, and more recently has worked with Chrissy Teigen, Emma Watson, Anne Marie and Nicole Scherzinger.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Emma has decided to spill the beans to Celebricious on getting your make-up just right, while avoiding that ‘caked-on’ look. Her top three secrets to guarantee flawless skin are:

  • Don’t wear too much
  • Choose the correct tools
  • Get the pigments right

Find some more of Emma’s amazing tips on getting foundation and concealer just right below:

Applying concealer

If you’re looking for the best way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, you need to invest in the best concealer you can get your hands on.  Choose a highly pigmented concealer – the right formula will disguise under eye bags and work with your skin type.

I’m always a bit dubious about concealers as they always appear too orangey – and I am super pale. But EX1 Cosmetics Delete Fluide Concealer works amazingly for very fair to deep tan skin. Because it’s formula contains 25% pure pigments, it’s one of the highest coverage concealers in the world.  It has amazing yellow and gold pigments which are buildable and allow the skin to look like skin.

Apply seven dots under each eye starting from the inner corner of the eye working outwards.  Don’t use too much, as it will collect in the creases of the lower eyelids. A soft, short brush lets you blend out your concealer naturally, the No 12 Brush, by Nars is Emma’s favourite. It has rounded, fluffy bristles as opposed to the stiff, flat concealer brushes you’re probably used to seeing. Always blend the concealer outwards. 


Choose the right foundation

Always use a creamy hydrating foundation which will work in synergy with your skin. Emma recommends EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation, it has yellow and gold pigments that help reflect your natural complexion which in turn give a warmth and glow to the skin.

I’ve never yet found the right foundation because I’m soooo pale so I never wear it! They always seem to fake-looking. But I tried this one and I’m not going to lie. It was quite yellow when I put it on and I thought…mmm. Then as I blended with a sponge, I literally couldn’t believe how well it went on and the colour changed to perfectly match my skin. The coverage was brilliant too, for the price.

EX1 Cosmetics features an encapsulated pigment technology to prevent the formula from oxidation when it comes into contact with the skin’s natural oils – so you don’t get the chalky, dry look.


Dab foundation on the centre of your face and blend outwards, make sure the amount of product doesn’t build up around the hairline creating a heavy look.  Keeping it light and natural will give the illusion of dewy healthy-looking skin.

The kind of foundation brush you use completely changes the finish you get.

Emma uses the Real Techniques, Expert Face Brush so you can apply liquid foundation with the full coverage of a paddle brush and with the blending abilities of an airbrush.


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