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What Are the Rules About Investing in Gold Metal?


Gold is known to lower your investment portfolio risk by safeguarding you against inflation and political unrest. For direct ownership of this metal, consider investing in gold bullion. Whether you buy gold bars or coins, these are certified for their purity and weight. When your bullion asset comprises smaller-sized coins and bars, they assure you […]


Here’s why you should choose a funeral online


CHOOSING a funeral online can ease the pressure on grieving relatives and help them select the right send-off for their loved ones, according to a leading expert.  After-death options were traditionally arranged during face-to-face meetings in funeral directors’ offices. But with the growth of internet-based companies, it’s now much easier to compare prices and ceremony […]


Dwight Schar, Ryan Homes, Neo-Nazis, Alex Jones, Porn and Corrupt Attorney Randazza

DWIGHT SCHAR & Corrupt Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza was fired by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones at InfoWars, but  Dwight Schar (founder of NVR, Inc, Ryan homes and owner of Bella Collina in Florida) chose to represent him, his affair or interests. But “rude” Randazza was so bad that even conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had to fire him. The InfoWars founder was […]


How to get the best market price for your Rolex

rolex watch 1

These times of Coronavirus are depressing enough but if they mean you’ve lost employment as well, you may need to find some extra cash – and quick. If you’re curious about what that Daytona lurking in the drawer is worth, you’ll want to know the top tips to get the most for your precious timepiece. […]