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Choosing the Right Cufflinks for Every Occasion


Cufflinks are tiny but impactful accessories that serve as subtle statements of fashion and style. They’re the finishing touch to any shirt with French cuffs, elevating an outfit from ordinary to exceptional. From formal occasions like black-tie events to casual outings with friends, the right pair of cufflinks can enhance your ensemble and leave a […]


Spencer Schar: Exploring the Health Benefits of Kayaking

filip-mroz-zK049OFP4uI-unsplash (1)

In his spare time, entrepreneur Spencer Schar enjoys kayaking in the lakes near his home, fishing for bass. From building core strength to the psychological boost provided by spending time immersed in nature, this article will provide an overview of the key health benefits of kayaking. Kayaking is a popular pastime in the United States […]


Rosedale Doodles: Why Cockapoos Are The UK’s Most Popular Choice

4. Rosedale Doodles Why Cockapoos Are The UK's Most Popular Choice

Rosedale Doodles has bred beloved family pets since 2005. The family-run business specialises in F1 Cockapoos, although after extensive research into the variation, Rosedale Doodles also started breeding F1B Cockapoos. This article will taker closer look at the Cockapoo, a breed that has made its way through the ranks since its creation in the 1950s […]


Wearable Ancient Jewellery Only Gets Better With Age


Founded in 2010 by Dr Ivan Bonchev, Apollo Art Auctions offers a full spectrum of collectibles and art for sale, including Asian, Islamic and Ancient pieces, as well as Ancient and Medieval coins. Based in central London, Apollo Art Auctions regularly produces new catalogues, catering for a large audience of collectors from all over the […]