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A Profile of The Spy Who Loved Me Bond Girl, Susie Vanner

Susie V

Actress and singer Susie Vanner is perhaps best known for starring opposite Roger Moore in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me, which earned her the moniker ‘Log Cabin Girl’. Prior to becoming a Bond girl, Susie had acted in numerous television commercials, including the well-known Just Musk commercials that aired throughout the 1970s. […]


Main Benefits You Can Gain From Wearing Body Shapers


One of the secrets that women used to keep to themselves, shapewear is now being worn by many women, especially celebrities who are open up about wearing these control garment to have a sleeker look while on walking on the red carpet. You do not have to be dressing up for a red-carpet event to […]


Healthy Screen Time Habits – How to Find the Perfect Balance for Your Kids


Raising kids in the digital age is difficult. So, take a moment and give yourself some credit for doing a good job. We are the first generation of parents juggling social media, smartphones, and moody kids yelling to get more screen time. There is no rulebook or guideline to help parents find a balance and […]


The Culinary Delights Instagram Introduces us to


Instagram is a great way to promote your culinary delights. With millions upon millions of users and followers, Instagram is the perfect platform to show off your food photography skills and get people excited about your latest creations. As a bonus, Instagram also allows you to include links to your website, so potential customers can […]