5 Ways to Save Money Without it Feeling Like a Chore


I’ve always been known to be the worst money-saver in the world. Ever since I first starting getting money regularly, I’ve always wanted to spend it and blame it on “wanting more life experiences”.

However, it feels like a long time has passed since my first payslip and I’ve still got (almost) nothing to show for it. Yes, a few city breaks to show for it but on the whole, my savings account seriously needs some TLC.

I made it a goal of mine to start saving money that was do-able for me. Never mind the ‘transfer £500 out of your wage’, but in a way that works for me – and in a way where I don’t feel like I’m constantly worried about pennies.

Since I started doing this I’ve saved money to cover one entire monthly wage. It might not sound like a lot, but these five little tricks helped me to get it without feeling like I’m lacking throughout the month:

#1 | Collect Your Change

Let’s say you’ve withdrawn £10 from your bank to pay for a bus to work and your morning coffee. Instead of thinking about swapping the coffee out completely, take the change from the £10 note and put it into a savings jar. This, on average, saves me about £2 a day… Over the course of a month, it really adds up!

You could also regularly empty your purse/wallet whenever you have too much change. Whether it’s just a few pennies or a £2 coin you can go without, get it in the savings jar!

#2 | Earn Extra Money for Your Skills

If you made it your New Years resolution to learn a new skill (or are just very talented in an area other than your 9-to-5 job!), you can cash in on it!

I’ve always been a huge writer and it’s been where my passion is – but it’s not my main job. I work in social media and so I rarely have the opportunity to write blog posts elsewhere than Celebricious, so I started freelance writing to earn extra money from my skills.

Admittedly, I don’t have a lot of spare time these days but seeing my savings account gradually increase is definitely worth it.

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#3 | Not Spent it Throughout the Month? Save it!

One of my biggest downfalls when it came to attempting to save money was that I’d get to the end of the month by scrimping, and then I’d have a lump sum at the end that I’d go and blow because “I deserved it”. How wrong!

Instead, I’ve started to transfer any money that’s left in my account into my savings at the end of the month, just after my new monthly wage arrives. This way, I’m starting the month afresh and know that the extra cash I saved the month before isn’t being wasted.

#4 | Cut Out Extreme Luxuries

Again, another way to save money without feeling like you’re struggling to get by throughout the month is to cut out extreme luxuries.

Instead of getting an extra syrup shot with your morning coffee (can you tell how much I swear by them?), opt for a traditional and transfer the 40p discount into your savings. When you’re off to go shopping, park in the cheaper car park that is slightly further away than the one in the centre. Not only will it save you money, but the additional exercise will help, too!

#5 | Automate Your Savings

I mentioned earlier in this post that I don’t work well with transferring a lump sum into my savings account as soon as I get paid, but by calculating how much you need to get by throughout the money and taking away the extra, you can save before you’ve spent.

If you get paid £1,400 per month and after bills, expenses and food (plus a little bit extra just in case) have been accounted for, you might be left with a spare £200. Transfer this into your savings, and try to live on what you calculated.

What is your best way to save money without feeling like you’re struggling?

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