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Here at Celebricious we’re passionate about words and while we’re always looking for contributors, we also have our in-house team working hard to bring your the content you want to read:

 Helen Greaney – Editor

Helen is a journalist with ample PR experience and has written more blog posts than you can shake a stick at. She’s interested in hearing from anyone who has a good tale for our fitness, beauty, travel, parenting or lifestyle pages. Want to write a beauty guest post for us? Email her today:


Laura Lewis – Writer

True crime lover Laura is here to keep you up-to-date on everything Love Island and more. She loves writing about entertainment and fitness news and will ensure you’re kept abreast of the latest celebrity happenings. Read Laura’s articles here.


Adam Snape – Writer

Adam works on publishing content to organise your life. He’s also a big TV series and Marvel movie fan, so he’s got you covered when you’re looking for something new! Read Adam’s articles here.

Regular Contributors

On this website, we like to give our readers a chance to share their opinions and let our audience know if there’s anything that we’re not covering. You can tweet us: @Celebricious1

That being said, we have a number of regular contributors that submit AWESOME content that you should definitely take a look at:

Tara Whitbread

tara-whitbread celebriciousTara is a personal trainer and fills our health & fitness category with tips, tricks and advice from an expert. Read Tara’s articles here.

Lewis Oakley

lewis oakley celebriciousLewis provides content in the lifestyle section and shares advice from everything from a male perspective! Read Lewis’ articles here.

Tilly Martin


Tilly is one of our regular contributors and joins us as a career and lifestyle expert. Read Tilly’s articles here.

Elise Morgan

elise-morgan-celebriciousJoining the contributor team as a fashion writer, Elise is an expert when it comes to women’s style and clothing.

Read Elise’s articles here.

Fancy Joining Us?

We’re always looking for new contributors to fill our site with their opinions and ideas.

Think you’ve got something worth sharing? Perhaps you want to tell us about  your love of the latest beauty product or let the world know that there’s a new TV series out that you have to watch… We want to hear from you!

We would love to receive your fashion guest posts today, so what are you waiting for?

Learn more about writing for us here.