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Covid Causes Sky-High User Numbers for Online Dating Services and Paves the Way for Virtual Dating


While many businesses struggled to survive during the Covid crisis, lots of online dating services experienced rising numbers, and the outbreak has actually contributed to setting the standard for online dating in the future.While lockdowns and social restrictions became the new reality, a multitude of online dating services witnessed both rising user numbers and growing […]


Top Reasons Why Couples Need an Adult Book of Adventure


Imagine a book where you can carry out challenges and record adventures and precious moments shared with your loved one. You can also paste memorable pictures from these adventures and have a tale to tell about them. This is possible with the adult book of adventures. This book serves as a guide and a diary […]


Two in Five Women Would Trade Their Partner For Bond


Two in Five Women Would Trade Their Partner For Bond While 40% of UK ladies would trade in their husband or boyfriend for Bond, only a quarter of men would leave their partner for a Bond girl  Outgoing Bond actor Daniel Craig would be the top choice for women willing to swap  Full list of […]


Top Dialogues That Can Kill A Relationship


Have you ever thought about why your relationships are less than happy and joyful? Some of us believe that only a perfect partner can make a relationship fulfilling. But this is another misconception to lead you away from building a strong connection; you only need to practice more. You can start making connections right now, […]