Four great reasons to move to the countryside


One of the biggest shifts in recent times related to how and where we all live, yet it’s hardly ever discussed. For most of human history, people lived in quiet villages or in the countryside, close to nature. But the rise of the city changed all that. Today, more people are flocking to cosmopolitan areas than ever before. Indeed, it’s causing something of a crisis in certain areas — in Spain, for instance, there are 3000 (three thousand) abandoned villages. There has been a slight revival in people moving to nature, however, in large part because there’s so much to love about living there! In this blog, we’ll take a look at four great reasons why living in a rural area is so great.

Peace and quiet

There was once a therapist in New York, who said the number one complaint that he dealt with from his patients was: the noise. While the hustle and bustle of city life can be fun, there’s no avoiding the fact that it can be a little overbearing. When people move to an area more infused with nature, they frequently comment on just how enjoyable the peace of quiet is. There’ll be far fewer beeping cars, police sirens, and drunken shouting when you live in a small village.

Friendly locals

In Twin Peaks, they highlight the difference between small-town life and city life in the following way: In small towns, people slow down when the light is changing to red. In cities, people speed up in order to race through them. People are calmer in villages, and that’s reflected in the general friendly nature of the town. You could live in the same place for thirty years in a city, and never get to know your neighbours. In a village, you’d be friendly with each other within a couple of months (most likely, anyway). 

More space

People are often astonished at how much more bang they can get for their buck when they move to a rural area. There’s just so much space out there, compared with a cramped city. And that can allow for a serious upgrade in lifestyle. You’ll have more space for your family inside the home, and plenty of land outside to have fun with. You can get a vegetable garden underway, and have pets that you could never have in the city, such as chickens, or even alpacas! You can check out this website if the latter interests you. Plus, there’s no denying that your children, if you have any, will love the freedom of exploring the outdoors around your home. 

Enjoying the city 

Finally, remember that just because you’ve left the city, that doesn’t mean that you can never go back. Of course you can! And when you do, you’ll be able to enjoy all the good things that it can provide, without having to stay long enough to experience the negative aspects. You can just drop in, tour the museums, and then return home to your quiet and peaceful home in the countryside. 

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