New career? Here are four out-of-the-box food jobs to consider


If you are a lover of gastronomy, or anything got to do with food, there is a wide range of job opportunities available to tickle your tastebuds. And unlike popular belief, becoming a chef isn’t the only option – today, there are plenty of exciting food industry jobs that will satisfy your cravings and set you on the path to a fulfilling career in the food industry. Below are some of the options you can look into when considering a food-related career.

Hospitality management/ Restaurant manager 

This is a good option if you like to be connected to the food industry, albeit in a more managerial or business-oriented role. You could opt to be a Restaurant Manager where you oversee the workings of the kitchen and the seating area and make sure that everything is smooth sailing. You should have a minimal knowledge of the workings of the kitchen but you do not need to be a professional chef.

Likewise, with a degree in Hospitality Management, you could become a Catering Manager, Hotel Manager or a Public House Manager (responsible for the operations of a pub/ bar, front-of-house work, recruiting staff, managing stock control etc).

Pastry chef

When you think of the food industry, a chef is the most common job that comes to mind. However, you can narrow down your niche and become a speciality chef like a Pastry Chef, for instance, if desserts are your thing. Or a vegan chef, perhaps, since veganism is growing in popularity. This way you can focus on exactly what you love doing.

Urban farmer

Another option is to be on the other side of the food business – we’re talking about the production side of things. If you love nature, being outdoors and having your own fresh produce, you can consider urban farming or growing your own fruits/ vegetables/ spices etc. And if this is something you would enjoy doing long-term, with some planning and investment, you can turn this into a business and sell your home-grown products in the market. 

Food writer 

This is not your quintessential food industry job, but it is still very intrinsic to the food industry. Of course, you need to be good with language and words and probably even get a degree in journalism, but if you want to write about food on a regular, professional basis, you do need some knowledge of food and the food industry. 

Food photographer/ Stylist

This is a slightly offbeat food industry job, but it is still related to food. A food stylist/ photographer takes professional shots of food and food items for magazines, menus, brochures, advertisement hoardings and the like. You don’t necessarily need a working knowledge of food but you certainly need to have a passion for it to reflect in your work!

Food health and safety  officer

You cannot run a successful food business or restaurant without the appropriate food hygiene rating.  A Food Health and Safety Officer is the man – or woman –  for the job. They ensures the 4 Cs are up to standard – cleaning, cooking, chilling and cross-contamination.

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