Everything a beginner needs in a makeup kit


Watching the beauty bloggers create that perfect makeup look is tempting enough to make you want to dip your brushes into a riot of colours and palettes. Desperate to learn the art of the perfect cut crease eye shadow or how to create a rosy glow of blush? There is loads to learn but if you’re a beginner in the world of makeup, you need to start slowly and steadily.

You need these M.A.C cosmetics & makeup products in your makeup kit.

Face makeup

Primer: A primer is the first step of your makeup routine to prepare your face and create an even base for the makeup to hold on to. Spritz on some M.A.C Prep+Prime Fix and let it set on your face, before moving on to the foundation. This product has got really great reviews from the customers. Think of it like how a painter prepares the canvas before adding the paint.

Foundation: A foundation needs to be bought in the same shade as your neck to avoid giving you a white cast on your face. Blend in the foundation using a beauty blender. You can buy the iconic M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation for this purpose because you will get the perfect shade according to the undertones of your skin.

Concealer: Concealer is one of the staples that you need to have in your makeup kit. Do you know that perfect blemish-free look that you see on the beauty bloggers? Yup, the concealer is the one that makes it happen. When buying a M.A.C concealer for your face, go for something that is a bit dense, but you will need a hydrating concealer for the eyes.

Eye makeup

Eyeliner: Getting that impeccable winged liner looks might take a while to practice, but now is the time to start trying your hand at that.  You should start with a pencil liner as a beginner because those are easier to manage. Of course, winged lines would not be that perfect with pencil liners, but it is not as messy as gel liners.

Mascara: Mascara is the step that many beginners tend to overlook because they do not realise how crucial it is for a complete makeup look. It opens up the eyes and is a crucial bit of final touch to the eye makeup. Dip your mascara wand once in the tube and apply two coats and that’s it. Go for M.A.C mascaras to get both length and volume in your lashes.


Lip liner: Buy a nude lip liner to outline your lips and also fill in a bit on the inside to create an even base for your lipstick. Dab your lips with soft tissue and move on to lipsticks.

Lipsticks: An irresistible pout needs a beautiful dash of colour. You can go for iconic reds like M.A.C Ruby Woo or Russian Red, or go for nudes like Whirl or Twig, which are amongst the must-have M.A.C lipsticks in your makeup kit.

And, that’s it! Your makeup kit is now complete with all the essentials you need. You can also buy makeup products for your loved ones to gift them on special occasions.

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