Makeup for Your Eye Colour

urban decay naked palette

The makeup that best suits you depends on a number of factors. For lips, your skin tone is a huge influence (see how to find the best red lipstick for your skintone in this post!), and the colour of eye shadow that compliments your face is dependent on your eye colour.

Playing with makeup is one of my favourite things to do and the satisfaction when you find a new look that you haven’t seen before is one of the best feelings in the world.

What’s not so great is when all of this happens just before a trip to Tescos; ending up with a black smokey eye and bright red lipstick isn’t really appropriate for the meat aisle.

Anyway, whether your eyes are green, blue, hazel or a mix between all three – here is the best makeup for your eye colour.

Makeup for Blue Eyes

makeup for blue eyes

We’ve all seen photos of dreamy makeup with blue eyes that look like they’ve came straight from the sea.

Blue eyes are generally one of the easiest to make ‘pop’ since their tones can easily be complimented by a number of colours.

Light, neutral and simple colours are the most complimentary for blue eyes as they don’t need to be overpowered. Champagne and beige shades make sure that your eyes are adding something ‘extra’ without taking away from the blue-ness in your eye.

Adding a nude lipstick can also help to bring out the cool tones in your eyes. Take something like MAC’s Creme D’Nude lipstick – it’s a great nude lipstick with beige undertones which would help to draw the attention to your eye.

Makeup for Green Eyes

makeup for green eyes

When it comes to finding the best makeup for your eye colour, green eyes have it easy!

Eyes of this colour look incredible when paired with purple-toned eye shadows as the cool tones really pull out the earthy tones in your iris. This is because purple is on the opposite side of the colour wheel than green.

MAC’s Sketch is a great eye shadow to use in the crease of the eye socket and is a very popular burgundy colour that can really pull out these tones.

Another popular eye shadow for green eyes is Sumptuous Olive. This is one of my favourite tones for green eyes as the warm tones in it are best suited for the eye colour. Add a smudge of Urban Decay’s eyeliner in Demolition into your lash line and your eyes will be popping in no time!

Makeup for Brown Eyes

makeup for brown eyes

Good news if you’ve just bought a new eye shadow palette that has everything from warm to cool shades – all of them will probably suit your eye colour!

Brown eyes can tend to pull off any shades, but it’s hard to find one that can make them ‘pop’, however golden tones make them look incredible.

When I’m applying makeup on somebody with brown eyes, there’s always one palette I lean to the most. Urban Decay’s Naked palette contains a bunch of golden, shimmery shades that look amazing on brown eyes and give them a gorgeous gloss that you can’t get with many other shades!

Now that we’ve suggested the best makeup for your eye colour, it’s time to get practicing! Don’t forget to send us photos of your makeup to our Twitter account – we’re always on the look out for inspo!



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