European City Breaks: Top 3 Destinations to Visit This Year

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It seems like as citizens of a country that is constantly pounded with bad weather (I mean hello – snow in March?!), we’re always on the look out for cheap city breaks.

European city breaks are becoming increasingly popular choices for people looking to escape the awful weather and experience a new culture, and there are a few destinations in particular that are great for soaking up different, authentic lifestyles.

Here are six of our favourite destinations that you definitely NEED to visit this year!

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As cliche as it sounds, one place that has always been on my travel bucket list has been Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The city is in the heart of Europe and is the perfect place for a city break; giving you the chance to soak up in a culture that you wouldn’t believe is just a short flight away from the UK!

Other than the obvious attractions that are illegal in the UK, there are a number of places that you can visit to help you feel like a true tourist. The Anne Frank house, beautiful Flower Market and one of the most romantic bridges, Magere Brug are just a few.

When you’re in Amsterdam, there’s only one thing to do… Rent a bike! Bicycles are all over the place in the Netherlands and are the preferred method of transport, so act like a true local and rent one. You’ll get some exercise and see some of the most beautiful parts of the city. It’s a win-win situation!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary - European city Breaks

Close to Amsterdam, Budapest is becoming an increasingly popular destinations for city breaks in Europe.

The outdoor thermal spas and incredible architecture makes it a great spot for experiencing a relaxed lifestyle – in fact, we think it’s one of the most underrated destinations for European city breaks!

The Danube River is a must-visit when in the city, along with eating the traditional Hungarian dish of Goulash. The meaty broth is the best way to fit in with the locals, and tastes delicious too!

Not only is Budapest incredibly cheap for beer, the price of flights and accommodation make it one of the cheapest city breaks you could go on!

Prague, Czech Republic

Budapest, Hungary - European city Breaks

The city of Prague in the Czech Republic has been popular for city breaks for years, but it’s only recently that it’s been added to our travel list.

Bathing in beer and enjoying a leisurely cruise down the Vltava River are just a handful of fun things to do in this European city – in fact, there there are many things to do in Prague that you can’t experience anywhere else; so much so, that we recommend not staying for less than three nights!

Wenceleas Square is a hot spot for many tourists as it has a variety of bigger brand shops and cafes, but swaying a few minutes from the city centre can end up resulting in a day-long adventure that you never imagined.

Are you off on holiday this year? We’re always on the hunt for new places to travel to, so let us know where you’re planning on visiting next!


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