11 Ways to Feel Inspired Right Now

feel inspired

Finding inspiration isn’t an easy task for anyone, and it’s not uncommon to feel stuck in a rut with any aspect of your life.

Feeling kick-arse and like you’re motivated; prepared for anything that your day may throw at you comes from feeling inspired. If you feel inspired, your productivity levels will undoubtedly rise – ultimately ending in a great day all round.

Stuck with where to find inner inspiration? Here are 20 easy ways for you to feel inspired right now:

1. Create a mood board – When I’m stuck with inspiration for anything (when I say anything, I really mean everything – from outfit ideas to what my future home will look like), I create a mood board. Pinterest is a Godsend for this.

2. Listen to 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes.

how to feel inspired

3. Go for a walk – I always feel much better after I’ve gone for a walk. I once walked 3 miles around the town I live in, just me and my headphones. Not only is it great for clearing your head and getting some exercise, but it also helped me come back with a lot more blog post ideas!

4. Get rid of the routine – Sometimes, the most mundane of everyday tasks need to be done. But putting them in a different order or switching things up is a great change to have in your day to day life!

5. Create something – art, music, writing; you name it… Create it!

6. Read – it doesn’t have to be a book if you’re not a bookworm. Your favourite blog, magazine or short story can be great sources of inspiration!

7. Write – if you’re somebody who writing comes naturally to, this is a pretty obvious one. However, it’s also great for non-writers to get their thoughts down in a journal; it can help clear your head, put things in perspective and feel inspired.

feel inspired

8. Create a bucket list – of things that you want to achieve, places you want to travel, and general things you’d love to experience.

9. Watch a documentary – OK so this is probably a guilty pleasure of mine, but documentaries are great for feeling inspired. There are some great ones on Netflix but you can find them pretty much anywhere!

10. Ted Talks – following on from documentaries, watching Ted Talks is also great for inspiration. Pretty much anything you can think of is bound to have been discussed – from an interview with a 12 year old app developer to glow in the dark sharks.

11. Create a bucket list – of things that you want to achieve, places you want to travel, and general things you’d love to experience.

12. If in doubt, quotes! – What would an inspiration post be without a quote? In fact, re-phrase that. What would life be without a Pinterest board solely for quotes? Thank me later.

What’s your favourite way to feel inspired?

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