5 Sensational Ideas for a Romantic Night In

romantic night

If you really love your other half, then why not show them just how much?

There are a lot of ways you can do this but none of them come quite close to going the extra mile to create something really special and romantic.

Sure, going on a date to a dimly candlelit restaurant is one of the biggest cliches and tropes of all time, but why is that? Because it works!

But there are other places you can go and romantic activities you can do which just give same effect, if not better.

Here are five great ideas that you can try to really tell someone just how much they mean to you:

1 | Having a meal at a place with a different style

Going to a fancy restaurant is an obvious choice, but why not choose somewhere with a little bit more of a quirky vibe? Try a new place with a fun theme or eccentric charm about it.

My personal recommendation is Frankie & Benny’s, themed after an Italian-American 1950s restaurant.

I have a real soft spot for the fabulous fifties and at night, when the blinds are shut and the lighting comes on, you can swear that you’re in The Bronx.

The meal that gets under my skin the most is the New Jersey Chicken, but their drinks and cocktails are a must try!

2 | Watching each other’s favourite movies/TV shows together and cuddling with food

Cuddling on the couch and staring at the screen are two typical couple activities, but that’s because it’s so good.

To make it perfect, spice it up a bit and throw a few different things into the mix:

Make a blanket fort or order pizza – nothing shows true affection like a warm, romantic snuggle, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and melted cheese!

The most classic variation of this is the Disney marathon. Just throw Lilo & Stitch on and bury yourself in the pillows.

If your partner doesn’t love you for this, they’re gonna be staying in Heartbreak Hotel for the night!

3 | Romantic Camping

Nothing shows true love more than devotion and this is a surefire way to show just that.

Just you, your loved one, some snacks and a tent. Switch your phone off and disconnect from everything else and just concentrate on each other.

You could toast some marshmallows over a campfire or even have a little sing-song and then drift away to sleep wrapped in a sleeping bag together, with the stars above your head.

4 | Bake together

If you and your special somebody haven’t ever impulsively started baking a cake at 10pm at night, you’ve got a special experience coming your way and boy, will your life be forever changed.

What’s even more fun is buying the ingredients at night, because late-night shopping runs are the best and if you don’t agree I’m not ever talking to you again >:(

5 | Do each other’s favourite activities

This is the easiest but means the most. If your most favourite things aren’t the same, then you do theirs with them and have them do yours with you.

It could be anything, from playing a board game they like or going to a place they like but you’re not too keen on.

Even if you don’t fully enjoy it, remember why you’re there and you’ll have a much better time and your partner will love you for it.

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