Q&A with Gia Bay: Exploring the Intriguing World of CHASER, Prime Video’s Latest Sci-Fi Sensation


New Prime Video show CHASER is making waves in the sci-fi TV world. This new show features a video editor, Eddi, who receives a parcel with a mysterious software and ends up with the power to edit his life. Can he edit the girl of his dreams into liking him? Can he edit himself to be less of a loser? And what are the butterfly effects that come from his manipulation of the fabric of time? We follow him as he slides further and further into a dangerous world of his own creation. We spoke to one of the stars of the show, Gia Bay, who plays the dream girl who sends Eddi off on this journey. 

What is your role in the show and what happens to your character?

My role is Anabel. She is the love interest of both Eddi and Gar. The ‘dream girl’ of both. She gets caught in a love triangle between them as she chases her dream and tries everything she can to make it come true.

What is the best part of the show CHASER, in your opinion?

It’s exciting to watch because you’re trying to figure out what is going on and don’t know what to expect from moment to moment!

What shows would you say CHASER is similar to or inspired by?

‘Chaser’ is really a unique show! I usually have a film or show that immediately pops into my head when I watch or read something but ‘Chaser’ is an adventure of its own you have to experience for yourself and see.

Who would you say is the ideal audience for this show?

I would say this show is for a modern audience. People who are on social media, growing up, trying to find their way, people who like excitement and adventure that is still grounded in the real human experience.

What do you hope that people take away from watching the show?

I hope people reflect on their life, their choices as they watch the characters of this show make choices, mistakes, learn lessons as they all chase their dreams.

Would you say that you are similar or different to your character?

As a woman pursuing my dreams in this world there are things in life that are familiar to me about Anabel’s given circumstances in her life story. So I can relate

in many ways. I think all women out there in the world can or can at least empathise with.

Without giving anything away, what was your favourite scene to film?

My favourite scene to film was the final episode. I won’t spoil the ending for those who haven’t seen it, but portraying Anabel’s shift towards protecting Eddi rather than pursuing her own desires was a poignant moment. Additionally, the scene where Eddi gives her his most prized possession was heart-wrenching. While every scene was meaningful in its own right, these final moments left a lasting impact, signalling the end of the game or is it? Anabel still hasn’t got what she wants and she’s not the type to just give up. 

Chaser’s official trailer is here. Chaser is also out now on Prime Video


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