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What do you want to look like? Do you want all that foundation every morning? Do you want that blush? Do you want the usual makeup routine anymore? Most women would rather stay au naturel if they could! That’s why more and more ‘natural’ makeup products are being designed and made. All the top brands are investing in lighter, thinner and more natural products. The materials are also becoming more and more natural. Despite what others might say, chemicals will always be present in a product. This is how they can keep the product from going rancid, as many natural products do end up going. The key to having great skin is, it being taut and fresh. How do you do this?

Hydration is key

Picture your skin like a painting. You need the base to absorb all the paint and pencil you will be using on it. So, the key is to hydrate your skin first! First thing in the morning in fact, always hydrate your skin. This can be done with essential oils but usually, with a cream. Know the difference between oils, serums, creams and in-between. Oils are great for skin that is dry, but too much for already oily skin. Serums tend to clean up the skin but they are also high in acids. Creams are kind of in-between but they usually have a short-term effect. We recommend that you use seaweed serums for a refreshing splash of instant hydration. 

Amino acids

Acids are good for your skin but only in moderation. You don’t want the acid to melt away your natural oils, but you want it to cleanse your pores and also give you a splash of hydration. So using something that has amino acids instead. The NutraKOS skincare range has all amino acid products, for hydration, anti-aging, healthy skin, vitality and more. Amino acids are naturally in our bodies, so our body recognizes them instantly and allows them to work their magic. Allergic reactions are not usually a problem with amino acid products. They have body cream as well as facial products. Remember, the skin on your shoulders is just as important as the skin on your face.

Vitamin D

Too much time in the sun is bad for you! Too many women spend so much time with their bare skin showing in the sun. All you need is about 30 minutes to 1 hour of sunlight and you should be full for the day with vitamin D. It’s also vital that you take vitamin D in your diet, so food like salmon, peas, cheese and nuts are all recommended. Vitamin D prevents aging too quickly. It can also help to treat dry skin! Yes, sunlight itself has properties to boost your natural oil production. 

Making your skin taut, fresh and revitalised involves educating yourself first, on the things that work and don’t work. Too much sunlight hurts your skin, a little every day, is blissful. Amino acids are very beneficial as are hydrating serums. 


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