How to moisturise the face… properly

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We can’t underestimate the power of moisture. Our skin NEEDS it daily. Today we’re discussing how to moisturise the face.  If you fail to moisturise your face properly, your face can look scaly, older, rough, and dry. And nobody wants that. To avoid all these issues, learning how to moisturise the face properly on a daily basis is the best place to start.

We need to hydrate our skin internally and externally. We need to drink plenty of water  and apply moisturiser as per our skin need. Moisturising should be part of our daily skincare routine. Even before we start doing our makeup, we need to apply moisturiser so that skin retains its texture. There are different kinds of moisturisers available in the market; we need to ensure to use one which suits your skin type. Would also share few tips on how to moisturise the face. Let’s get started!

Damp skin

Before applying moisturiser on the face to get maximum benefits out of it, ensure skin is damp. If we have washed our face need to wipe the excess water with the help of a towel and apply the moisturiser onto not-quite-dry skin. This helps the moisturizer to get absorbed in the skin easily. If your skin is dry, apply toner and then apply the cream onto skin. Astral cream moisturiser when applied on a damp face it leaves the skin supple and soft.

Apply in dots

Many people apply moisturizer differently. Some people rub it in their palm and then apply it on the face. Some put small dots of moisturizing cream and then spread it to absorb it in the skin. I prefer the second method; that way, we can make sure we can apply it everywhere and spreads evenly. Applying moisturiser in this method can make sure it was getting absorbed on the skin. A mosituriser like Astral cream has a long-lasting effect.

When we apply dots on the face, need to apply them on the forehead, nose, chin, left and right cheek. Then we need to massage very gently in a circular and upward motion. It will help the moisturiser to get absorbed in the skin, and it would be an exercise for our face. It would help to keep skin youthful and soft.

Right amount

When we are applying moisturiser to the face, we need to apply the right amount. If we over moisturise it leaves the face oily and skin may become prone to acne. If we do not moisturise it appropriately, it will look scaly. The correct method is to take tiny dots of moisturiser and apply it on the face and massage well to get it absorbed on the skin. Astral cream gets absorbed on the skin easily and keeps skin moisturised for a long time.

Don’t forget the neck

When we apply moisturiser on the face, it’s easy to forget your neck. Make sure you apply it on the neck area otherwise the skin on the face and neck will look different. Most of us miss applying moisturisers on our neck, wbuht it shows signs of ageing early, so don’t miss thhis stage!

Use an eye cream

While applying moisturiser on the face, make sure to leave the eye area instead apply eye cream. That would help to keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay. The eye area is delicate, and we tend to not pay attention to it. Applying eye cream would also help to remove the dark circle and puffiness.

Break between moisturising and make up

Another mistake is applying moisturiser  and thenn styraight away slapping on foundation. We need a moisturizer to work on our skin so giving a break 2-3 min before applying makeup would help and give that proper effect we want from our makeup look. Astral cream can also act as a primer, so no need for another product. It also acts as a primer.

As well as learning how to moisturise the face properly, we need to get an adequate amount of sleep, drink, and eat things that would help our skin to remain healthy. I believe if we take care of things, it lasts. We just need to find the balance and not over or under-do it. Finding moisturising cream is one of the methods of finding balance. Astral cream has been in every household, and they have not changed the formula for so many years. I would recommend using it and giving skin the love and care it needs.

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