The Good and Bad Ways Exercise Can Affect Your Skin

Skin Exercise

Poor hygiene habits can alter the skin’s appearance. Exercising frequently comes with many risks and benefits to the skin’s health and complexion. It’s valuable to be aware of the good and bad ways exercise can affect your skin so you can tackle the matter head-on.

Positive Effects of Exercise on Skin

Increased Blood Flow and Oxygen

As your heart pumps more blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your body, this boost has a direct, positive impact on your skin. Enhanced circulation creates a brighter, even complexion as the body flushes out various toxins.

Reduced Stress Levels and Inflammation

Stress often makes an unwelcome appearance in the form of acne and skin flare-ups. But with each rep, your stress hormones—especially cortisol—take a dip. Reduced stress levels equate to less skin inflammation. Less inflammation serves as a double win for those struggling with stress-induced skin issues.

Enhanced Skin Elasticity and Collagen Production

Exercise gifts you with firmer skin. The repetitive motion of certain activities like running and weightlifting can increase collagen production. Collagen is the protein that maintains the skin’s strength and elasticity. Over time, this increased collagen production can lead to a visage that defies gravity and remains taut.

Negative Outcomes of Exercise on Skin

Skin Irritation from Sweat and Friction

Long runs and hours spent at the gym may translate to friction and chafing if you don’t adequately protect your skin. Moisture trapped against the skin from excessive sweat or tight-fitting clothing can result in redness and inflammation. As a result, you’re more likely to develop breakouts across your body.

Sun Damage During Outdoor Activities

The great outdoors can be a boon for cardio and mental health. However, outdoor exercises bring sun exposure. Neglecting sunscreen, especially during peak UV hours, can result in premature aging, damage, and an increase in the risk of skin cancer down the road.

Tips To Maintain Healthy Skin and a Consistent Exercise Routine

Shower Immediately After Exercising

While sweating helps to regulate body temperature during exercise, it also mixes with the bacteria on your skin’s surface and can clog pores if you do not cleanse yourself promptly. Bacteria is a key culprit behind post-workout breakouts. Following the proper techniques for showering with acne will ensure your skin looks and feels incredible.

Hydrate Your Body and Skin

Never underestimate the power of hydration for your body and your skin after a workout. Replenishing the fluids lost through sweat is essential for internal recovery and maintaining a healthy complexion. Water helps to flush out toxins and can improve skin’s elasticity.

But water isn’t the only way to hydrate your skin. After showering and cleansing the skin, be sure to lock in moisture with a hyaluronic acid serum and nourishing moisturizer based on your skin type. You may even enjoy the post-workout health benefits of facials for a rejuvenated glow and relaxed mind.

The good and bad ways exercise can affect your skin should never deter you from your fitness goals. Remember to carefully manage your skincare regimen and wear breathable clothing while exercising. Your acne woes will go out the door when you are more intentional with your skincare.

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